Ebay can be a very safe place to buy the item you want (or really need) if you just apply the same good common sense that your would use if buying the item in person.

The eBay Safety Centre provides guidance on buying safely, selling safely and paying safely, as well as valuable third-party, government and law-enforcement resources.

Great pains are taken by eBay to protect buyers. Without the buyers eBay wouldn't have much of a business. Some of the steps eBay takes to protect you are:
  • An Accepted Payments Policy that clearly outlines what forms of payment are acceptable

Specifically prohibits the following methods of payment:Western Union (high rate of fraud) or Moneygram (high rate of fraud)

Never requires its registered buyers and sellers to confirm their account details by e-mail

Ebay works best when everyone tries hard to make it safe and sane.
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