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  • Amphibian and Reptile Geocoins
    Amphibian and reptile Geocoins. Find your frog prince here.
  • Bird Geocoins
    There are quite a few bird geocoins. You can find bird geocoins for sale here.
  • Butterfly Geocoins
    Butterfly Geocoins for sale. Buy butterfly geocoins from ebay.
  • Cat Geocoins
  • Celtic Geocoins
    The design of these geocoins are celtic inspired. I'm quite fond of the Celtic Sun Geocoin
  • Compass Rose Geocoin
    Compass Rose Geocoin for sale. Buy Compass Rose Geocoins on Ebay. Find unactivated compass rose geocoins and trackable geocoins with compass roses.
  • Digital Hell Geocoin
    The digital hell geocoin comes with a bit of controversy. Initially there was the red hell, black hell and the elusive blue flame geocoins. The red hell was re-minted, and three new colors were made for sale in the US.
  • Dog Geocoins
    Woof, Woof. Man's best friend and all his cousins deserve their own category of geo coins.
  • Ellandel geocoins
    Ellandel decided to find a geocache in each of the 192 countries. He also wants to issue a personal geocoin for each country that he finds or places a cache in. So far there are 6 coins. My favorites are the ones from Spain and Australia.
  • Event Geocoins
    Event Geocoins. Sometimes coins are minted to commemorate a gathering of geocachers. Some have nothing to do with the event, but were sold there. You can find those coins here.
  • Fairy Geocoins
    Fairy Geocoins for sale buy. Buy Geocoins that have a fairy picture on them. A wide selection of trackable, unactivated fairy geocoins is available.
  • Flower Geocoins
    I love Flower Geocoins. You can find floral geocoins here.
  • Flying Spaghetti Monster Geocoin
    The Flying Spaghetti Monster geocoin for sale. Buy a geocoin that has the Flying Spaghetti Monster on it.
  • Functional geocoins
    These Geocoins are useful. There are several to choose from, including planisphere geocoins, time dial geocoins, quadrant geocoins and nocturnal geocoins. The Planisphere, Quadrant and nocturnal geocoins are huge. I have not seen the others in person.
  • Glitter Geocoins
    Buy Glitter goeocoins here. You can find a wide variety of geocoins with glitter enamel. Glittering geocoins are fun to collect.
  • GPS Geocoins
    GPS geocoins for sale. Buy a GPS geocoin on ebay today. Celebrate your love of geocaching by purchasing a gps shaped geocoin.
  • Holiday Geocoins
    We may only get to experience each Holiday once a year, but you can find geocoins here all year.
  • Insect Geocoins
    Here you can find available bug geocoins. I've seen a lot of them out there, including butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, caterpillar and beetles.
  • Jeep Geocoins
    Jeep geocoins for sale. Find different types of geocoins with pictures of jeeps.
  • Limited Edition Geocoins
    Some geocoins are more rare than others. These include Limited Edition, artist edition and Proof geocoins.
  • Micro geocoins
    Micro geocoins for sale. Buy Micro geocoins on Ebay. Micro geocoins are small coins for small caches. Find trackable micro geocoins and micro geocoins that are unactivated in our store.
  • Mystery Geocoins
    Mystery Geocoins are hard to come by. Rather than being sold, after they are minted they are dispersed anonymously. Try your hand at finding them here.
  • Mythical Creatures
    Find all types of Mythical Creature Geocoins. They really do exist!
  • Nautical Geocoins
    Row, Row, Row your boat....Find your nautical geocoins here.
  • Newly Listed GeoCoins
    The newest listed geocoins on ebay. Be the first to see the new geocoin listings. Find the coolest geocoins before anyone else. Buy newly listed geocoins.
  • Nocturnal Geocoin
    Nocturnal Geocoins with moving parts for sale. Buy a geocoin nocturnal to add to your collection. The store usually has a good selection of nocturnal geocoins for sale on ebay.
  • Nomad Geocoins
    Get a flag coin here! These are Nomad geocoins, There is a geocoin for the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Germany.
  • Ocean Geocoins
    Mmmm Sushi. Find your Ocean Geocoins Here
  • Path Tags
  • Pirate Gecoins
    Pirate Geocoins: Ahoy Matey! No need to go looking in Davy Jone's locker. You can find your pirate geocoins here!
  • Pocket Decoder
    Pocket decoders are not your ordinary geocoin. They are functional geocaching tools that can be used in many different ways to help enhance your geocaching FUN!
  • Pretty Geocoins
    Pretty geocoins for sale. Buy Pretty Geocoins from Ebay.
  • Rose Geocoin
    Rose Geocoins for sale. Buy a unactivated rose geocoin today. Also available are trackable geocoins with roses on them. Start you geocoin collection today.
  • Science Fiction Geocoins
    Star wars, Star Trek, Aliens, X-files and Hitch Hikers: Find your geocoins here!
  • Seasonal Geocoins
    Winter,Spring, Summer and Fall..get your seasonal geocoins here!
  • Spinner Geocoins
    Spinning geocoin for sale. Buy a spinner geocoin today. Most of the spinning geocoins I have seen have a dragon motif. Be cool, get a geocoin that spins for your geocoin collection.
  • Suncatcher Geocoins
    Suncatcher geocoins for sale. Find a sun catcher geocoin on sale. Buy geocoins with a suncatcher design.
  • Tiki Geocoins
    Tiki geocoins for sale. Buy a Tiki geo coin today. There are many different types of geocoins with tikis on them. The most popular seems to be the Mr. Stone Face Tiki Geocoin.
  • Time Geocoins
    These are time related geocoins.
  • Trackable Geocoins
    Trackable geocoins for sale. Buy a trackable geocoin from ebay and release in the wild. Watch with pleasure as you track your geocoin on its many travels across the world.
  • Tranquility Geocoin
    Tranquility geocoins for sale. Buy a tranquility geocoin from ebay today. You can usually collect tranquilty geocoins or sometimes even a unactivated geocoin with a tranquility design.
  • Unactivated Geocoins
    Unactivated geocoins for sale. Buy an unactivated geocoin from ebay today. Get you own geocoin that is unactivated and start the tracking on
  • Whale Geocoins
    Whale Geocoins for sale. Buy cool whale geocoins from ebay. There are unactivated and trackable whale geocoins to purchase and release in a geocache near you.
  • Wilderness Geocoins
    Wilderness Geocoins. Only you can prevent forest fires!

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