2008 Snowman Suncatcher GeoCoin


2008 Snowman Suncatcher Geocoin

2008 Snowman Suncatcher Geocoin

     I love it when the information for the coins is easy to find. The 2008 Snowman Suncatcher Geocoin is 1.75". It says "season's Greetings on one side and "Starry Night" on the other.  The stars on the face of the coin do glow in the dark. The Snowman Geocoin is a trackable item and has its own custom icon.

   The coin was minted in three finishes. 125 Nickel ones were made. 75 Gold (LE) were minted, and only 50 (XLE) Black nickel ones were minted.

  THe Nickel ones went for $10.95

  The Gold sold for $11.95 and the Black Nickel were $14.95.

  The Coin was made for Suckerish. 

Holiday Geocoins can be found for purchase here. 

Suncatcer Geocoins can be found for purchase here.

          I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. SupremeMe ordered so many geocoins over the past few months, that I didn't even really look at all of them as they came in. I was more concerned with just getting them in to their box so that they didn't get lost or damaged.  I do enjoy the suncatchers though. We really need to work on finding a nice way to display his coin collection. At the very least we need to get them all in to a protective coin binder.

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