Ice Rose Geocoin, Part of the three Roses Geocoin by CRake


Ice Rose Geocoin

Ice Rose Geocoin

          No, I don't have two copies of this coin. :p The coins are part of a set. This particular coin is called The Ice Rose and it is a pretty neat little coin.


inside the Ice Rose Geocoin

inside the Ice Rose Geocoin

          The Ice Rose Geocoin is actually split up in to two parts. I love this!  One is the actual coin, the other half is the proof of ownership. The proof of ownership side of the coin has the tracking number engraved on it. It also has a pretty strong magnet in the center to hold the two pieces together. The Rose design on the front of the coin is identical on both pieces. It was made this way to encourage releasing the coins in to the wild.

      I can certainly understand that..I'm sitting on a huge box of coins. It is hard to release them because so many coins get stolen. I don't really want to pay to add to someone else's collection. I'm sure I am not alone when it comes to those feelings. Having the proof of ownership sort of ensures that even if someone hauls off with your coin, you still have a pretty replica of it. I hear they look very good stuck to the fridge. The tracking number is engraved on both halves of the coin. The actual coin has writing engraved along the edge of the coin that reads "This coin has a separate proof of ownership retained by the original owner - please don't steal me!" The Rose geocoins come with their own unique icon.

   The Autumn Rose Geocoin was minted in an Antique Bronze Finish

    The Ice Rose Geocoin was minted in an Antique Silver Finish

    The Midnight Rose Geocoin was minted in Black Nickel and is Glow in the Dark.

  Ethan is a big fan of Complete Sets. Once I post this and he realizes that he doesn't have the complete set.....I'm sure he'll start looking. :p I'm going to see if I can convince him to release these ones. He is currently in Germany. I'm sure he could find some neat caches to stash them in.

     I'm not sure how many coins were minted, but there were three different designs of the coin and they were sold together as a set.  We have the Ice Rose and the Midnight Rose, but we have yet to get our hands on an Autumn Rose. I will add photos of the Midnight Rose once I get them uploaded. On his site Christopher Rake said he planned to release the coins in early 2007.

    The coins have been retired and is no longer available for purchase from  Crake Productions. You can look for the Three Roses Geocoins here.

On a different note, I was able to contact Fundamental. He is going to send me more information on the Baby Geocoin when he returns home next week!

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Antique Silver 12 days of Caching Geocoin


12 Days of Caching

12 Days of Caching

           I like this geocoin. I had no idea that SupremeMe ordered it, so I was happy to open it when it arrived. This geocoin came with a nifty little snowflake ornament. The  2008 12 Days of Caching coin is available in an Antique Silver and an Antique Bronze finish. It is approximately 2 inches in diameter and has a hole so that you can hang it as an ornament.  It is a Crake coin, and they sell for $8.90. You can pick up both coins together for $16.90. That is a pretty good deal!

      Edited for Bill: Yes, this coin is trackable. It also has a unique Icon. As of this morning it was still available for sale at Crake's store.

    So what exactly are the 12 days of caching?

12 Satellites Tracking

11 Puzzle Caches

10 Gallons of Gas

9 Bottles of Water

8 Multi-Stages

7 Hours of Sleep

6 Ammo Cans

5 First to Finds!!

4 Travel Bugs

3 Geocoins

2 Trekking Poles

And a New Color GPSr!


This one might be fun to sing with the kids in the car. :)

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