Puppy Pound Geocoin

Dog Days of Summer Geocoin: Front and back

Dog Days of Summer Geocoin: Front and back

I am getting better at finding information for these coins online, although I still sometimes struggle with interpreting it. This geocoin has been called both the Dog Days of Summer Geocoin and the Puppy Pound Geocoin. I am guessing that I have the antiqued bronze/gold finish, as it does not look like silver or copper to me. The Dog Days of Summer Geocoin was available in 3 finishes. This one was referred to as both the antiqued gold and the antiqued bronze. I believe the finishes are very similar.

There were 100 of the Antiqued Copper Dog Days of Summer coins minted. It came with 1 matching pin and 1 oak buck. There were also 100 of the Antiqued Silver LE Puppy Pound Geocoins minted. The silver coins did not come with a pin or an oak buck. The antiqued gold XLE dog bone geocoin did come with the pin and oak buck. 35 of those were available.

Part of the Proceeds from each coin sale went to a Humane Society Charity. The Dog Days of Summer coin is trackable and came with it's own icon. The coin is shaped like a dog bone and was minted by Oak Coins. It was available for purchase from the GeoSwag site in July of 2008.

The silver finished coin went for $10.47. The Copper set went for $14.97. I do not know what the bronze bone "fetched" :p

We don't seem to have the pin or the oak buck so they are not in the photo. I remember when this one came in the mail. SupremeMe purchased it from someone on eBay. He was told ahead of time that the coin came with extras, but that the owner no longer had them. So it was an informed purchase.

Look for the Puppy Pound Geocoin here.

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