Harmony Geocoin

21 days of Good Deeds.

21 days of Good Deeds.

This beautiful coin was my November coin from the Geocoin Club. It is absolutely beautiful. Here is some information about the coin, taken from the GeocoinClub website.

The series is titled “Pocket Change” and is a play on words.  The idea with this coin (besides of course, looking beautiful) is to help us all achieve a more positive outlook on life. .... The idea behind this concept is that it is generally accepted (and also generally debated, but I digress) that it takes 21 days to form a habit – good or bad.  Running with that idea, this coin’s purpose is to help you have more positive thoughts.  We affectionately refer to it as the “Harmony Coin”.

The harmony Geocoin was designed by Chris Mackey. It is the first in a series that the GeoCoin Club will offer between its club and the store. The series will be called "Pocket Change". The coin was inspired by a Boy Scout Motto of "Do a Good Turn Daily". At one point, the Scout who dreamed up this coin, was given a simple gold coin by his Scout Master. They were to put the coin in their right pocket, and upon doing their good deed they were to move it to their left pocket.

Combine that with the "21 days to form a good habit" theory and you are left with one seriously beautiful coin. The coin is colored with Imitation Hard enamels and similar transparent enamels. It has a smooth finish, except for the raised braille. The Braille is there so that when you slip your hand in to your pocket, you can literally feel the reminder.

This may be the November Club Coin, but I think that it is an awesome way to kick off the new year.

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The Origin of the First Geocoin

The first geocoin ever made

Browsing around today, I came across this good article about the first geocoin and how it came to be.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"The idea of a custom coin as a signature item immediately struck a chord with me. It was an object that would be unique, immediately identifiable, easy to carry around in a backpack, and – based on the popularity of coin collecting – highly desirable."

"With some leads from Silver, I started researching online businesses that produce coins and got to work on coming up with a compelling design. The design was the easy part: I used my mountain biking logo (which I had developed years earlier for a t-shirt design for my riding buddies and me) on one side and an alteration of the Groundspeak logo (one that fit better on a round surface) on the reverse. "

"Deciding on a supplier for the coins was a bit more difficult, but after some web surfing and several phone calls, I had one picked out. I decided on the features that I wanted on my coins (color, numbering, etc.) and then I sat back and waited for the coins to arrive."

Read the rest of it here.

Take a look at the geocoins in our store:  Geocoins for Sale

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Crappy Cache Geocoin


Crappy Cache GeoCoin Front

Crappy Cache GeoCoin Front


Crappy Cache Geocoin back View

Crappy Cache Geocoin back View

         Here we have another mystery coin. As such I have absolutely  no information on it other than that it was minted in silver and gold. I found a reference to it on groundspeak from July 07, so it has been around for more than a year. As with most mystery coins, I was excited to get this one.  This coin was purchased from eBay. More mystery coins can be found here.

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Binary Mystery Geocoin

Binary Mystery Coin

Binary Mystery Coin

Binary Mystery Coin

Binary Mystery Coin Front

Well, I tried to find information on this coin but it appears as though this is a mystery coin. It is not a trackable item. What I do know, is that this coin goes by two names. It is known as the "Binary Mystery Coin" and the "Banned From the Forum" Mystery geocoin. We like to call it the "Read Between the Lines" geocoin.

I'm guessing that SupremeMe bought this coin because he thought it was funny. It did not come with any information about it. I've lost a couple of hours of my time searching in vain for information on this particular coin to no avail. I did learn a little bit about mystery coins along the way though.

Mystery geocoins are not trackable. Since the geocoins don't have tracking numbers on them, it makes it kind of hard to hunt for one in a local cache. Because the geocoins are hard to find they are very sought after. It isn't just because you can't do a search for them on the geocaching site that makes them desirable. In addition to not being able to track them, you also can't buy them, or at least you aren't suppose to be able to. From what I have gathered, mystery geocoins are distributed. If you get really lucky, somehow whoever made the coin will stumble upon your address and you'll find one in your mailbox. Steps are taken to make sure that you don't know who the coin is from. I've also heard that they are randomly dropped in caches for people to find. I'm sure some cachers have been alerted when one was dropped in their area. This begs for the question: How did we manage to get our fingers on a binary mystery geocoin?

Simply put. eBay. At least I think that is where he got it. I'm sure SupremeMe bought it because he thought it was a cool geocoin. He sure got a giggle out of it when it arrived. Mystery coins are not supposed to be sold though unless it is for a charitable purpose. (I have no idea whether this one was for charity or not, I'll have SupremeMe look in to that when he returns from Europe) and understandably so. Geocoins are not cheap to make. If someone goes through the trouble and expense of making coins and then distributes them freely, it seems rude to make money off of them. Rest assured, we won't be selling this coin.

I have to wonder about this particular coin though. The "Banned From the Forum" geocoin, is pretty offensive. With a big ol' Eff you on it, I'm not not so sure it would have made me feel good to have been on the receiving end. I wonder if the coins were accompanied by any unfriendly notes? If that were the case, I could certainly understand someone's desire to make some money off it. I doubt that is the case though. I bet whoever made this coin has one heck of sense of humor. I feel pretty lucky to have one in our collection.

I find it odd that this coin has two names. The binary geocoin makes a lot of sense. As I've said, we've called it the "Read between the lines" geocoin, although now that we know its real name we might stick with that. What I want to know is how it got the "Banned From the Forum" geocoin name. I bet there is a great story there and I'd just be pleased as punch if someone would share it with me.

I have no real information on this coin. I don't know how many binary geocoins were minted. I suppose that just makes them more valuable.

I wrestled with adding a category for mystery coins as they aren't supposed to be sold. However, since some of them are sold to raise money for charities I have decided that it is an acceptable thing for me to do.

You can try your hand at finding Mystery Geocoins here.

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