Harmony Geocoin

21 days of Good Deeds.

21 days of Good Deeds.

This beautiful coin was my November coin from the Geocoin Club. It is absolutely beautiful. Here is some information about the coin, taken from the GeocoinClub website.

The series is titled “Pocket Change” and is a play on words.  The idea with this coin (besides of course, looking beautiful) is to help us all achieve a more positive outlook on life. .... The idea behind this concept is that it is generally accepted (and also generally debated, but I digress) that it takes 21 days to form a habit – good or bad.  Running with that idea, this coin’s purpose is to help you have more positive thoughts.  We affectionately refer to it as the “Harmony Coin”.

The harmony Geocoin was designed by Chris Mackey. It is the first in a series that the GeoCoin Club will offer between its club and the store. The series will be called "Pocket Change". The coin was inspired by a Boy Scout Motto of "Do a Good Turn Daily". At one point, the Scout who dreamed up this coin, was given a simple gold coin by his Scout Master. They were to put the coin in their right pocket, and upon doing their good deed they were to move it to their left pocket.

Combine that with the "21 days to form a good habit" theory and you are left with one seriously beautiful coin. The coin is colored with Imitation Hard enamels and similar transparent enamels. It has a smooth finish, except for the raised braille. The Braille is there so that when you slip your hand in to your pocket, you can literally feel the reminder.

This may be the November Club Coin, but I think that it is an awesome way to kick off the new year.

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The Origin of the First Geocoin

The first geocoin ever made

Browsing around today, I came across this good article about the first geocoin and how it came to be.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"The idea of a custom coin as a signature item immediately struck a chord with me. It was an object that would be unique, immediately identifiable, easy to carry around in a backpack, and – based on the popularity of coin collecting – highly desirable."

"With some leads from Silver, I started researching online businesses that produce coins and got to work on coming up with a compelling design. The design was the easy part: I used my mountain biking logo (which I had developed years earlier for a t-shirt design for my riding buddies and me) on one side and an alteration of the Groundspeak logo (one that fit better on a round surface) on the reverse. "

"Deciding on a supplier for the coins was a bit more difficult, but after some web surfing and several phone calls, I had one picked out. I decided on the features that I wanted on my coins (color, numbering, etc.) and then I sat back and waited for the coins to arrive."

Read the rest of it here.

Take a look at the geocoins in our store:  Geocoins for Sale

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Copper Mermaid Swag Geocoin

Mermaid Geo Swag Geocoin, front and back

Mermaid Geo Swag Geocoin, front and back

I think of all the Mermaid Geocoins this on is my favorite. I'm quite fond of the copper coins. I found the designer and it comes from tsunrisebey. The geocoin was minted and sold through The Caching Place. 200 geocoins were minted in the Brushed Copper Finish with translucents. 200 coins were also minted in the Gold finish with translucents. I don't understand the page at the caching place. They are both listed under "previously sold coins", They both say sold out, but it also says that they have 6 coins left in stock. There was also a Silver AE Mermaid Geocoin, but I think only 40 of those were minted. The Silver AE Mermaid coin is a glitter coin.

The Mermaid Swag geocoin is 1.75" and is 3mm in thickness. The geocoin has its own icon, is trackable and was originally sold for $8.95. The sale date was set for March 7th, 2008. There are sea-horses on the coin. The seahorses are located under the translucents on the gold and copper coins. On the glitter coins, the sea horses are above the glitter.

SupremeMe actually has this coin in a couple of the colors. I'm hoping to get pictures of them soon!

Look for Mermaid Swag Geocoins here.

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Yellow Duck Geocoin

I've seen this coin called several things: Easter Duck, Easter Duckling, Spring Duck and Spring Duckling.

I'm going to be honest. I don't know anything about this geocoin. I tried to do a search on it, and I found it called several things. Rubber duck, Spring Duck, Easter Duck, Duckling Geocoin..... you get my drift. I would love for someone to share some information on this one with me. :)

This coin was in an altoids can, stuck to the underside of a bridge, next to a wasps nest in the middle of a golf course. I found this one on one of the first days I went out and looked for coins. I was so excited, because the first 8 caches that were supposed to have coins were empty. I'm not sure why this one hasn't made its appearance here yet. We think it is a cute coin. I have no idea what its actual name is and would love any information on it that I can get!

As for this site..I think I am going to be doing things a bit differently. I am going to add more categories for the coins, so that people that are browsing can look for coins in a variety of different ways. I'm also going to be taking new photos of the coins I already have. You see, I just got a nifty new camera that is designed for close up shots. Yay me! I also just had a nifty new set up delivered that should allow for clearer, better lit photos. So things should literally be looking better around here.

Also, SupremeMe has left his geocoin collection in my care. I gave him a nice box to put them in (instead of the drawer they were in). He is going to print off whatever information he has on them and we are going to neatly organize and identify them. That is going to be one heck of an undertaking. I haven't counted them as of yet, but I suspect he has well over 100 by now.

The other thing I'd like to do is an occasional give away. I've joined the geocoin club and I get two coins a month. I only need one and thought it might be nice to give my second coin away. I'm not sure how I'm gonna do that just yet, but I'd love some suggestions. I'd love to have fun with this, so I'm hoping for some creative ideas lol. I'll give my first coin away to the person with the best idea. you must be 18 or over and I am only shipping to the U.S and Canada at this time. I'll take ideas up until Sept 15th.  lol I can't guarantee I'll use your idea, but the best (or only) idea gets the July Coin with the Gargoyle on it.

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Sunburst Nature Walk Geocoin.

Suncatcher Naturewalk GeocoinSunburst Nature Walk Geocoin when held up to a light

I am sure that SupremeMe will correct me if I am wrong, as this is another one of his coins. If you really look closely at the photo you'll see tape up across the back. You see, this coin wasn't perfect when he got it. There was a tiny bit of metal poking out around the frame and SupremeMe felt it needed to come off. So he pulled at it and ended up popping one of the panes of color out of the frame. I want to say he has since purchased a replacement, but I don't have photos of that one yet. I chose to put this one up today so that SupremeMe can see how pretty his coins are when they are photographed in front of a light source.

This Sunburst Nature walk Coin is silver. I'm not sure if it is one of the ones with the antique finish. I don't believe it is. I have found a site though that references the antique silver finish. Apparently there were only 300 of those minted. The coin measures 1.75"(45mm) in diameter. It is trackable at and comes with its own unique icon. I know that it was also available in Bronze and Gold. The quote around the outside edge of the coin reads: "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" The quote is by John Muir.

The Sunburst Nature Walk Coin is a really pretty coin. I hope that SupremeMe displays all of his suncatcher and sunburst geocoins in a lit cabinet.

If you decide that you would like to Purchase a stained glass geocoin, do a search for both suncatcher and sunburst geocoins.  I have included both terms at my coolgeocoin site so that it will do the work for you, or you can just click here!

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Cache Movers Geocoin

This is actually the second coin I found, but the first one I went about purposely finding. I looked for 9 caches. I found 7 of them. All were supposed to have coins but this is the only one I was able to get. I think its cute. :)   It was located in a small cache in a church parking lot. I deposited it in a cache specifically for coins. Wait till you see the one I traded it for. :)

I found a cache movers geocoin in Utah

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