Antique Silver 12 days of Caching Geocoin


12 Days of Caching

12 Days of Caching

           I like this geocoin. I had no idea that SupremeMe ordered it, so I was happy to open it when it arrived. This geocoin came with a nifty little snowflake ornament. The  2008 12 Days of Caching coin is available in an Antique Silver and an Antique Bronze finish. It is approximately 2 inches in diameter and has a hole so that you can hang it as an ornament.  It is a Crake coin, and they sell for $8.90. You can pick up both coins together for $16.90. That is a pretty good deal!

      Edited for Bill: Yes, this coin is trackable. It also has a unique Icon. As of this morning it was still available for sale at Crake's store.

    So what exactly are the 12 days of caching?

12 Satellites Tracking

11 Puzzle Caches

10 Gallons of Gas

9 Bottles of Water

8 Multi-Stages

7 Hours of Sleep

6 Ammo Cans

5 First to Finds!!

4 Travel Bugs

3 Geocoins

2 Trekking Poles

And a New Color GPSr!


This one might be fun to sing with the kids in the car. :)

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Gold Let It Snow Geocoin


let it Snow!

let it Snow!

            I do not know much about this coin.  SupremeMe and I decided that we would cut back on buying geocoins. I logged in to see a coin that he wanted to show me and this one came up on the same page when I did my search. It is adorable! Once again we are buying geocoins. I swear it is a sickness that can't be stopped. I have an entire Christmas Tree decorated in snowman and snowflakes and this coin is just perfect for it.

            The coin was available in both a Black Nickel and Gold finish. 25 Artist Editions were minted in Silver. It is a sun catcher. One of the window panels spins around. On one side it says "Let it snow" and on the other it reads "Some of my best friends are Flakes". Fun stuff. It even has a little loop on the top so that you can hang it on a tree as an ornament. 

        The coin was released in 2007. I believe it is a Hogwild Stuff coin. It was created by LoriDarlin and Mama Cache. However, I picked mine up on eBay. As of right now there is one for sale in the Holiday section of the cool geocoin store. The coin measures just about two inches across. It is a  trackable item and it comes with its own unique icon.

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