Flower of Life Geocoin

front flower of life geocoin 300x150 Flower of Life Geocoin

The Flower of life Geocoin. We have two of them although I'm not exactly sure which two we have.  There was an Antique Gold, Shiny Gold and Matte Gold. (There was also Antique Silver and Black Nickel but I know I don't have either of those!) What I do remember is that SupremeMe bid on quite a few of these before he finally won one.  I really like this coin because it looks just like my favorite game: DaVinci's Challenge. SupremeMe isn't quite as fond of the game but I think that is just because I totally kick his ass, just like in Othello.


The coin is 40mm across.

300 Coins were minted for sale and then there were another 20 that were never for sale.

  • Regular Edition (RE): 120 pcs / black nickel
  • Special Edition (SE): 90 pcs / antique silver
  • Limited Edition (LE): 60 pcs / antique gold
  • Extra Limited Edition (XLE): 30 pcs / matte gold
  • Very Extra Limited Edition (XXLE): 20 pcs / shiny gold (never on sale)
The two coins look pretty similar to me. I wasn't even sure that they were different until I flipped them over.
2 geocoins flower of life 300x155 Flower of Life Geocoin
I *think* we have the antique gold and the matt gold geocoins. The coins are trackable items and they come with a unique icon. You can look for Flower of Life geocoins Here.

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Celtic Star Geocoin


Artist Edition

Artist Edition

          Another Lilly Sue Coin. I have no idea how many of each finish were minted, but I do know that there are only 50 of the Artist Editions Floating around out there.

They are 2" across and they were released in September of 08. They sold out in November of 08. The Celtic Star Geocoins were minted in Antique Gold, Antique Silver and and a Limited Edition was minted in Antique Copper. 50 Black Nickel Artist Editions were also out there. The coins are trackable items and have a unique icon.  There is a see through purple and blue resin in the middle.

All I need to do now is get my hands on a Celtic Moon Geocoin. Hopefully I can get an AE one of those too! Maybe SupremeMe can find me one for my birthday :)  

Find Celtic Geocoins here.

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Compass Roses Geocoin


Love Compass RoseValentine Compass Rose Geocoin

I'm going to say that when this came in the mail, I had no idea what it was called or even that Ethan had ordered it. It came a few weeks ago (before Valentines Day) and included in the package was a smaller, trackable, pendant.

Track your heart

 Seriously, I had no idea. I figured it must be a gift for me. I decided that I was going to make a short, wire wrapped bead chain and attach it to my key chain so that I could always have it with me

   I only just now got around to looking it up online. The coin was designed by Wes Miller. While at a Geocoin Fest he noticed that several women were wearing coins around their neck. He then designed a coin pendent that could be given as a gift to the woman you love. (Score!) See? It was for me. :) I still haven't actually asked SupremeMe if the pendant is for me, but after reading that how could he possibly say no. :D

   As for the coin, it is an actual Compass Rose Coin that has Roses on it.

   The pendant came in two finishes, gold and silver. The silver pendant is XLE as only ten were made. The track your heart pendant is 28x25mm. The Gold Heart Pendant sold for $8 and the XLE silver edition sold for $10.

   The Compass Roses GeoCoin is 40mm. I'm a bit fuzzy as to how many editions there are. IT looks like there was a gold edition,silver edition,antique gold edition, antique silver addition as well as an LE/ two tone gold and silver coin. I'm getting this information from cache addict. Reservations were taken for the coin in December of 2008 and the coin was released in January, just in time for Valentines Day. (That was great timing on their part!)

Gold, Silver, Antique Gold, Antique Silver

LE - Two-Tone (Gold/Silver)

   To me that looks like 5 editions, but I only see four editions on the site, so I'm not entirely sure. I believe mine is the LE two tone. The Silver, Antique Silver and Gold Valentine Geocoins sold for $10 and the LE edition sold for $15. It looks like they are out of stock of all of them. You can try your luck at finding one in the Compass Rose section.

Good luck finding the pendant, I know SupremeMe would have a hard time convincing me to let go of mine.

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LE Gold Baby Geocoin


LE Baby Geocoin
LE Baby Geocoin

       The Baby Geocoin was manufactured by  C H Quality Coins, as a personal coin for Fundamental and Venlis.  The coin was designed from a photo of their son Santtu. They are located in Finland.  250 coins were minted. 100 in shiny gold with blue diapers, 100 in Shiny Gold with Pink Diapers and 50 LE Satin Gold Geobabys with white diapers. (That is the one we have)  The coin measures 1.75" across. As far as I can tell, this  coin was released in 2006.

    It is a trackable coin. I believe it does have its own icon, a stork!

    I'm glad Ethan snagged one of these with the white diaper. We still don't know what we are having. I'd hate for him to have bought one with a pink diaper..and then find out we are having a boy. :p

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2008 Snowman Suncatcher GeoCoin


2008 Snowman Suncatcher Geocoin

2008 Snowman Suncatcher Geocoin

     I love it when the information for the coins is easy to find. The 2008 Snowman Suncatcher Geocoin is 1.75". It says "season's Greetings on one side and "Starry Night" on the other.  The stars on the face of the coin do glow in the dark. The Snowman Geocoin is a trackable item and has its own custom icon.

   The coin was minted in three finishes. 125 Nickel ones were made. 75 Gold (LE) were minted, and only 50 (XLE) Black nickel ones were minted.

  THe Nickel ones went for $10.95

  The Gold sold for $11.95 and the Black Nickel were $14.95.

  The Coin was made for Suckerish. 

Holiday Geocoins can be found for purchase here. 

Suncatcer Geocoins can be found for purchase here.

          I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. SupremeMe ordered so many geocoins over the past few months, that I didn't even really look at all of them as they came in. I was more concerned with just getting them in to their box so that they didn't get lost or damaged.  I do enjoy the suncatchers though. We really need to work on finding a nice way to display his coin collection. At the very least we need to get them all in to a protective coin binder.

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Frozen Buns Geocoin


Frozen Buns

Frozen Buns

                We have two of these and I suspect that SupremeMe is going to be a little disappointed when he wakes up. He called me from China and asked me to win the auction for him. I tried to tell him that I thought he already had this coin, and he assured me it is a limited edition coin. So I bid on it and won. When the coin arrived I pulled it out of its sleeve and compared it to the other Frozen Buns coin that we have. Sure enough, they look pretty similar to me. I think that maybe he thought he was bidding on an Antique Silver one. Well, I know that is what he thought because that is what the auction said he was buying, but I'm not sure which finish it is. Perhaps someone else will be able to tell us.

     The Frozen Buns Geocoin is a personal Geocoin that was made by Frozen Buns! I believe it was designed by Chris aka Fox-and-the-Hound. I found an old post on Groundspeak. The coin was released in 2007. In October of 2007 Frosty Buns said that she was going to release the 200 Frosty Silver metal Coins. The two moons and the under the door of the outhouse are done in glow in the dark. I think that this is the coin that we have. I am unsure if they ALL had glow in the dark, or just the Frosty Silver ones. There were 125 minted in the Shiny Gold. 125 in the Shiny Nickel, 25 of the LE shiny Copper and 25 Antique SIlver (which is what we thought we were getting).

    It is a pretty coin though, so I don't mind that we have two. Once we determine which ones they are for sure, we might let one go.

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Binary Mystery Coin, the gold version


The elusive gold binary geocoin

The elusive gold binary geocoin

               The Binary Geocoin, take two. I had no idea there was such a thing but apparently there was a gold version of the "read between the lines" geocoin. How did we find it? Well, we found it on eBay. We bid on it and lost it at the last second. Boy is that frustrating. So, SupremeMe emailed the seller and asked if there were any more. As luck would have it, he was able to buy one. We have an idea of who put these out, but we'll keep that to ourselves. Lol. We are probably wrong anyway but it sure is fun to speculate! According to the listing, only 20 of these were minted. Of course it is a mystery coin so that can't really be verified. I saw one listed this morning and it looks like there might be a few more auctioned off, so, if you want one, this is probably the time to try to snag one here.

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Puppy Pound Geocoin

Dog Days of Summer Geocoin: Front and back

Dog Days of Summer Geocoin: Front and back

I am getting better at finding information for these coins online, although I still sometimes struggle with interpreting it. This geocoin has been called both the Dog Days of Summer Geocoin and the Puppy Pound Geocoin. I am guessing that I have the antiqued bronze/gold finish, as it does not look like silver or copper to me. The Dog Days of Summer Geocoin was available in 3 finishes. This one was referred to as both the antiqued gold and the antiqued bronze. I believe the finishes are very similar.

There were 100 of the Antiqued Copper Dog Days of Summer coins minted. It came with 1 matching pin and 1 oak buck. There were also 100 of the Antiqued Silver LE Puppy Pound Geocoins minted. The silver coins did not come with a pin or an oak buck. The antiqued gold XLE dog bone geocoin did come with the pin and oak buck. 35 of those were available.

Part of the Proceeds from each coin sale went to a Humane Society Charity. The Dog Days of Summer coin is trackable and came with it's own icon. The coin is shaped like a dog bone and was minted by Oak Coins. It was available for purchase from the GeoSwag site in July of 2008.

The silver finished coin went for $10.47. The Copper set went for $14.97. I do not know what the bronze bone "fetched" :p

We don't seem to have the pin or the oak buck so they are not in the photo. I remember when this one came in the mail. SupremeMe purchased it from someone on eBay. He was told ahead of time that the coin came with extras, but that the owner no longer had them. So it was an informed purchase.

Look for the Puppy Pound Geocoin here.

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