Flower of Life Geocoin

front flower of life geocoin 300x150 Flower of Life Geocoin

The Flower of life Geocoin. We have two of them although I'm not exactly sure which two we have.  There was an Antique Gold, Shiny Gold and Matte Gold. (There was also Antique Silver and Black Nickel but I know I don't have either of those!) What I do remember is that SupremeMe bid on quite a few of these before he finally won one.  I really like this coin because it looks just like my favorite game: DaVinci's Challenge. SupremeMe isn't quite as fond of the game but I think that is just because I totally kick his ass, just like in Othello.


The coin is 40mm across.

300 Coins were minted for sale and then there were another 20 that were never for sale.

  • Regular Edition (RE): 120 pcs / black nickel
  • Special Edition (SE): 90 pcs / antique silver
  • Limited Edition (LE): 60 pcs / antique gold
  • Extra Limited Edition (XLE): 30 pcs / matte gold
  • Very Extra Limited Edition (XXLE): 20 pcs / shiny gold (never on sale)
The two coins look pretty similar to me. I wasn't even sure that they were different until I flipped them over.
2 geocoins flower of life 300x155 Flower of Life Geocoin
I *think* we have the antique gold and the matt gold geocoins. The coins are trackable items and they come with a unique icon. You can look for Flower of Life geocoins Here.

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Compass Roses Geocoin


Love Compass RoseValentine Compass Rose Geocoin

I'm going to say that when this came in the mail, I had no idea what it was called or even that Ethan had ordered it. It came a few weeks ago (before Valentines Day) and included in the package was a smaller, trackable, pendant.

Track your heart

 Seriously, I had no idea. I figured it must be a gift for me. I decided that I was going to make a short, wire wrapped bead chain and attach it to my key chain so that I could always have it with me

   I only just now got around to looking it up online. The coin was designed by Wes Miller. While at a Geocoin Fest he noticed that several women were wearing coins around their neck. He then designed a coin pendent that could be given as a gift to the woman you love. (Score!) See? It was for me. :) I still haven't actually asked SupremeMe if the pendant is for me, but after reading that how could he possibly say no. :D

   As for the coin, it is an actual Compass Rose Coin that has Roses on it.

   The pendant came in two finishes, gold and silver. The silver pendant is XLE as only ten were made. The track your heart pendant is 28x25mm. The Gold Heart Pendant sold for $8 and the XLE silver edition sold for $10.

   The Compass Roses GeoCoin is 40mm. I'm a bit fuzzy as to how many editions there are. IT looks like there was a gold edition,silver edition,antique gold edition, antique silver addition as well as an LE/ two tone gold and silver coin. I'm getting this information from cache addict. Reservations were taken for the coin in December of 2008 and the coin was released in January, just in time for Valentines Day. (That was great timing on their part!)

Gold, Silver, Antique Gold, Antique Silver

LE - Two-Tone (Gold/Silver)

   To me that looks like 5 editions, but I only see four editions on the site, so I'm not entirely sure. I believe mine is the LE two tone. The Silver, Antique Silver and Gold Valentine Geocoins sold for $10 and the LE edition sold for $15. It looks like they are out of stock of all of them. You can try your luck at finding one in the Compass Rose section.

Good luck finding the pendant, I know SupremeMe would have a hard time convincing me to let go of mine.

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Ice Rose Geocoin, Part of the three Roses Geocoin by CRake


Ice Rose Geocoin

Ice Rose Geocoin

          No, I don't have two copies of this coin. :p The coins are part of a set. This particular coin is called The Ice Rose and it is a pretty neat little coin.


inside the Ice Rose Geocoin

inside the Ice Rose Geocoin

          The Ice Rose Geocoin is actually split up in to two parts. I love this!  One is the actual coin, the other half is the proof of ownership. The proof of ownership side of the coin has the tracking number engraved on it. It also has a pretty strong magnet in the center to hold the two pieces together. The Rose design on the front of the coin is identical on both pieces. It was made this way to encourage releasing the coins in to the wild.

      I can certainly understand that..I'm sitting on a huge box of coins. It is hard to release them because so many coins get stolen. I don't really want to pay to add to someone else's collection. I'm sure I am not alone when it comes to those feelings. Having the proof of ownership sort of ensures that even if someone hauls off with your coin, you still have a pretty replica of it. I hear they look very good stuck to the fridge. The tracking number is engraved on both halves of the coin. The actual coin has writing engraved along the edge of the coin that reads "This coin has a separate proof of ownership retained by the original owner - please don't steal me!" The Rose geocoins come with their own unique icon.

   The Autumn Rose Geocoin was minted in an Antique Bronze Finish

    The Ice Rose Geocoin was minted in an Antique Silver Finish

    The Midnight Rose Geocoin was minted in Black Nickel and is Glow in the Dark.

  Ethan is a big fan of Complete Sets. Once I post this and he realizes that he doesn't have the complete set.....I'm sure he'll start looking. :p I'm going to see if I can convince him to release these ones. He is currently in Germany. I'm sure he could find some neat caches to stash them in.

     I'm not sure how many coins were minted, but there were three different designs of the coin and they were sold together as a set.  We have the Ice Rose and the Midnight Rose, but we have yet to get our hands on an Autumn Rose. I will add photos of the Midnight Rose once I get them uploaded. On his site Christopher Rake said he planned to release the coins in early 2007.

    The coins have been retired and is no longer available for purchase from  Crake Productions. You can look for the Three Roses Geocoins here.

On a different note, I was able to contact Fundamental. He is going to send me more information on the Baby Geocoin when he returns home next week!

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Frozen Buns Geocoin


Frozen Buns

Frozen Buns

                We have two of these and I suspect that SupremeMe is going to be a little disappointed when he wakes up. He called me from China and asked me to win the auction for him. I tried to tell him that I thought he already had this coin, and he assured me it is a limited edition coin. So I bid on it and won. When the coin arrived I pulled it out of its sleeve and compared it to the other Frozen Buns coin that we have. Sure enough, they look pretty similar to me. I think that maybe he thought he was bidding on an Antique Silver one. Well, I know that is what he thought because that is what the auction said he was buying, but I'm not sure which finish it is. Perhaps someone else will be able to tell us.

     The Frozen Buns Geocoin is a personal Geocoin that was made by Frozen Buns! I believe it was designed by Chris aka Fox-and-the-Hound. I found an old post on Groundspeak. The coin was released in 2007. In October of 2007 Frosty Buns said that she was going to release the 200 Frosty Silver metal Coins. The two moons and the under the door of the outhouse are done in glow in the dark. I think that this is the coin that we have. I am unsure if they ALL had glow in the dark, or just the Frosty Silver ones. There were 125 minted in the Shiny Gold. 125 in the Shiny Nickel, 25 of the LE shiny Copper and 25 Antique SIlver (which is what we thought we were getting).

    It is a pretty coin though, so I don't mind that we have two. Once we determine which ones they are for sure, we might let one go.

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Antique Silver 12 days of Caching Geocoin


12 Days of Caching

12 Days of Caching

           I like this geocoin. I had no idea that SupremeMe ordered it, so I was happy to open it when it arrived. This geocoin came with a nifty little snowflake ornament. The  2008 12 Days of Caching coin is available in an Antique Silver and an Antique Bronze finish. It is approximately 2 inches in diameter and has a hole so that you can hang it as an ornament.  It is a Crake coin, and they sell for $8.90. You can pick up both coins together for $16.90. That is a pretty good deal!

      Edited for Bill: Yes, this coin is trackable. It also has a unique Icon. As of this morning it was still available for sale at Crake's store.

    So what exactly are the 12 days of caching?

12 Satellites Tracking

11 Puzzle Caches

10 Gallons of Gas

9 Bottles of Water

8 Multi-Stages

7 Hours of Sleep

6 Ammo Cans

5 First to Finds!!

4 Travel Bugs

3 Geocoins

2 Trekking Poles

And a New Color GPSr!


This one might be fun to sing with the kids in the car. :)

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Gold Let It Snow Geocoin


let it Snow!

let it Snow!

            I do not know much about this coin.  SupremeMe and I decided that we would cut back on buying geocoins. I logged in to see a coin that he wanted to show me and this one came up on the same page when I did my search. It is adorable! Once again we are buying geocoins. I swear it is a sickness that can't be stopped. I have an entire Christmas Tree decorated in snowman and snowflakes and this coin is just perfect for it.

            The coin was available in both a Black Nickel and Gold finish. 25 Artist Editions were minted in Silver. It is a sun catcher. One of the window panels spins around. On one side it says "Let it snow" and on the other it reads "Some of my best friends are Flakes". Fun stuff. It even has a little loop on the top so that you can hang it on a tree as an ornament. 

        The coin was released in 2007. I believe it is a Hogwild Stuff coin. It was created by LoriDarlin and Mama Cache. However, I picked mine up on eBay. As of right now there is one for sale in the Holiday section of the cool geocoin store. The coin measures just about two inches across. It is a  trackable item and it comes with its own unique icon.

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Crappy Cache Geocoin


Crappy Cache GeoCoin Front

Crappy Cache GeoCoin Front


Crappy Cache Geocoin back View

Crappy Cache Geocoin back View

         Here we have another mystery coin. As such I have absolutely  no information on it other than that it was minted in silver and gold. I found a reference to it on groundspeak from July 07, so it has been around for more than a year. As with most mystery coins, I was excited to get this one.  This coin was purchased from eBay. More mystery coins can be found here.

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AE Crystal Ball Geocoin

Crystal Ball Geocoin

Crystal Ball Geocoin

The Crystal Ball Geocoin was designed by Paula at Geocoin Designs. The Coin is is 2” x 1 1/2" and is 3.5mm thick. The coin was sold through Trackable Treasures. The gypsy geocoin is trackable on the geocahing website and has its own icon. The crystal ball geocoin was minted in Antique Gold and Antique Silver. The side with the gyspy is done with imitation hard enamel and the crystal ball is done in a white glitter. It's pretty!

The asking price was $8.99. They were available for pre sale August 12th 2007 at 6pm. The expected ship date was Sept 10th. There were 125 crystal ball geocoins minted in the Antique Gold. Another 125 were minted in the Antique Silver. 300 coins were minted total. In addition to the 250 gold and silver, 30 were minted in Antique Copper. 20 coins were also minted as an artist Edition.

Only the Gold and silver Crystal Ball coins were for sale. The Copper ones were divided between mustangjoni and 9key. The artist editions went to Paula! The one pictured above is one of the AE Crystal Ball Geocoins.

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Binary Mystery Geocoin

Binary Mystery Coin

Binary Mystery Coin

Binary Mystery Coin

Binary Mystery Coin Front

Well, I tried to find information on this coin but it appears as though this is a mystery coin. It is not a trackable item. What I do know, is that this coin goes by two names. It is known as the "Binary Mystery Coin" and the "Banned From the Forum" Mystery geocoin. We like to call it the "Read Between the Lines" geocoin.

I'm guessing that SupremeMe bought this coin because he thought it was funny. It did not come with any information about it. I've lost a couple of hours of my time searching in vain for information on this particular coin to no avail. I did learn a little bit about mystery coins along the way though.

Mystery geocoins are not trackable. Since the geocoins don't have tracking numbers on them, it makes it kind of hard to hunt for one in a local cache. Because the geocoins are hard to find they are very sought after. It isn't just because you can't do a search for them on the geocaching site that makes them desirable. In addition to not being able to track them, you also can't buy them, or at least you aren't suppose to be able to. From what I have gathered, mystery geocoins are distributed. If you get really lucky, somehow whoever made the coin will stumble upon your address and you'll find one in your mailbox. Steps are taken to make sure that you don't know who the coin is from. I've also heard that they are randomly dropped in caches for people to find. I'm sure some cachers have been alerted when one was dropped in their area. This begs for the question: How did we manage to get our fingers on a binary mystery geocoin?

Simply put. eBay. At least I think that is where he got it. I'm sure SupremeMe bought it because he thought it was a cool geocoin. He sure got a giggle out of it when it arrived. Mystery coins are not supposed to be sold though unless it is for a charitable purpose. (I have no idea whether this one was for charity or not, I'll have SupremeMe look in to that when he returns from Europe) and understandably so. Geocoins are not cheap to make. If someone goes through the trouble and expense of making coins and then distributes them freely, it seems rude to make money off of them. Rest assured, we won't be selling this coin.

I have to wonder about this particular coin though. The "Banned From the Forum" geocoin, is pretty offensive. With a big ol' Eff you on it, I'm not not so sure it would have made me feel good to have been on the receiving end. I wonder if the coins were accompanied by any unfriendly notes? If that were the case, I could certainly understand someone's desire to make some money off it. I doubt that is the case though. I bet whoever made this coin has one heck of sense of humor. I feel pretty lucky to have one in our collection.

I find it odd that this coin has two names. The binary geocoin makes a lot of sense. As I've said, we've called it the "Read between the lines" geocoin, although now that we know its real name we might stick with that. What I want to know is how it got the "Banned From the Forum" geocoin name. I bet there is a great story there and I'd just be pleased as punch if someone would share it with me.

I have no real information on this coin. I don't know how many binary geocoins were minted. I suppose that just makes them more valuable.

I wrestled with adding a category for mystery coins as they aren't supposed to be sold. However, since some of them are sold to raise money for charities I have decided that it is an acceptable thing for me to do.

You can try your hand at finding Mystery Geocoins here.

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Digital Hell Geocoin

Digital Hell Geocoin

Digital Hell Geocoin

This was an interesting coin to learn about. When I start searching I always just enter the name of the coin in to google and see what comes up. The Digital Hell Geocoin was a custom order for Xibalba01. I found the coin on I also found some of them on eBay. I found some inconsistencies though.

Xibalba01 about his idea:

"The name of this coin is derived from my GC-Nickname Xibalbá, which means Entrance to Underworld, especially the ?-level underworld of the Maya culture. The artwork should show fire as a symbol for hell as well as an item of our modern age ... or rather digital age."

I think that is very creative and it is a pretty cool coin to boot.

Originally at the German site it said that this was a personal custom order. A total of 250 pieces were minted. There were three finishes. (note I said originally)

Red Hell Edition: 195 pieces. Polished silver nickel with a transparent red flame on the front and a tranparent green board on the back.

Black hell: 50 pieces with a max of 1 per customer. 2 tone. Raised metal is black nickel while the recessed metal is silver nickel.

Blue Flame: 5 pieces minted, not for sale. Polished silver nickel with a transparent blue flame.

50mm wide, 3mm thick, trackable with its own icon. So what is the problem?

Ours is gold.

I found an interesting thread on Groundspeak about the Digital Hell geocoins. It appears that after the coins sold out in Germany Castle Coins said that they were going to have some of the coins. They were going to get 50 Gold/red, 50 Nickel/Purple and 50 limited Copper Green edition. 50 more gold and nickel would follow. Here is the funny bit, they said that the copper was limited to those 50 and no more would be made. Another 100 were reminted of the original red for the store in Germany. So now instead of the 250 coins that were originally made, there are now 600. That probably explains why they are so easy to find on eBay. I went to Castle Coins and I saw no reference at all to the Digital Hell geocoins. So I am basing that they did sell them on what I read on Groundspeak.

In the opening advertisement for the coins on groundspeak it said that 250 would be available. They were advertised to international customers as being able to buy tax-free from the German Site. The coin was 8 Euros. I'm not sure how much the shipping was. BUT, I think Id be pretty irritated if I ordered coins internationally and found out after the fact that I could have gotten one here. Also, I bet those 5 blue coins are pretty well sought after, as there aren't very many of them. I'm sure if one ever went on Ebay, that it would go for a pretty penny but only because there are so few. If more were minted later, the value of the coin would drop. Anyone who bought one would be pretty pissed. While the original red ones weren't as valuable to begin with as there were almost 200 of them, when they re-minted the extra 100, that is exactly what they did. They sold 195 of the coins, which is a high number to begin with, then devalued the coin by dumping another 100 of them in to the market. In a collectable market where cost is driven by supply and demand, it is a pretty shitty thing to do. It reminds me of when Ty declared in 1999 that they would no longer be making Beanie babies and then reintroduced a new line in 2000.

This is a 2008 coin. There are now 6 versions of the coin total.

The 3 from Germany:

red flame/nickel metal

red flame/black nickel metal

Blue Flame/nickel metal

The 3 from the US

Red flame/goldmetal

Purple flame/nickel metal

Green/flame copper metal (personally I want one of these)

In hind site I remember SupremeMe telling me about the brouhaha when he got it. Who would have thought that there would be so much drama with geocoins.

Look for the Digital Hell Geocoin Here

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