Sunburst Geocoin

Sunburst Nature Walk Geocoin.

Suncatcher Naturewalk GeocoinSunburst Nature Walk Geocoin when held up to a light

I am sure that SupremeMe will correct me if I am wrong, as this is another one of his coins. If you really look closely at the photo you'll see tape up across the back. You see, this coin wasn't perfect when he got it. There was a tiny bit of metal poking out around the frame and SupremeMe felt it needed to come off. So he pulled at it and ended up popping one of the panes of color out of the frame. I want to say he has since purchased a replacement, but I don't have photos of that one yet. I chose to put this one up today so that SupremeMe can see how pretty his coins are when they are photographed in front of a light source.

This Sunburst Nature walk Coin is silver. I'm not sure if it is one of the ones with the antique finish. I don't believe it is. I have found a site though that references the antique silver finish. Apparently there were only 300 of those minted. The coin measures 1.75"(45mm) in diameter. It is trackable at and comes with its own unique icon. I know that it was also available in Bronze and Gold. The quote around the outside edge of the coin reads: "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" The quote is by John Muir.

The Sunburst Nature Walk Coin is a really pretty coin. I hope that SupremeMe displays all of his suncatcher and sunburst geocoins in a lit cabinet.

If you decide that you would like to Purchase a stained glass geocoin, do a search for both suncatcher and sunburst geocoins.  I have included both terms at my coolgeocoin site so that it will do the work for you, or you can just click here!

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