Celtic Star Geocoin


Artist Edition

Artist Edition

          Another Lilly Sue Coin. I have no idea how many of each finish were minted, but I do know that there are only 50 of the Artist Editions Floating around out there.

They are 2" across and they were released in September of 08. They sold out in November of 08. The Celtic Star Geocoins were minted in Antique Gold, Antique Silver and and a Limited Edition was minted in Antique Copper. 50 Black Nickel Artist Editions were also out there. The coins are trackable items and have a unique icon.  There is a see through purple and blue resin in the middle.

All I need to do now is get my hands on a Celtic Moon Geocoin. Hopefully I can get an AE one of those too! Maybe SupremeMe can find me one for my birthday :)  

Find Celtic Geocoins here.

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Compass Roses Geocoin


Love Compass RoseValentine Compass Rose Geocoin

I'm going to say that when this came in the mail, I had no idea what it was called or even that Ethan had ordered it. It came a few weeks ago (before Valentines Day) and included in the package was a smaller, trackable, pendant.

Track your heart

 Seriously, I had no idea. I figured it must be a gift for me. I decided that I was going to make a short, wire wrapped bead chain and attach it to my key chain so that I could always have it with me

   I only just now got around to looking it up online. The coin was designed by Wes Miller. While at a Geocoin Fest he noticed that several women were wearing coins around their neck. He then designed a coin pendent that could be given as a gift to the woman you love. (Score!) See? It was for me. :) I still haven't actually asked SupremeMe if the pendant is for me, but after reading that how could he possibly say no. :D

   As for the coin, it is an actual Compass Rose Coin that has Roses on it.

   The pendant came in two finishes, gold and silver. The silver pendant is XLE as only ten were made. The track your heart pendant is 28x25mm. The Gold Heart Pendant sold for $8 and the XLE silver edition sold for $10.

   The Compass Roses GeoCoin is 40mm. I'm a bit fuzzy as to how many editions there are. IT looks like there was a gold edition,silver edition,antique gold edition, antique silver addition as well as an LE/ two tone gold and silver coin. I'm getting this information from cache addict. Reservations were taken for the coin in December of 2008 and the coin was released in January, just in time for Valentines Day. (That was great timing on their part!)

Gold, Silver, Antique Gold, Antique Silver

LE - Two-Tone (Gold/Silver)

   To me that looks like 5 editions, but I only see four editions on the site, so I'm not entirely sure. I believe mine is the LE two tone. The Silver, Antique Silver and Gold Valentine Geocoins sold for $10 and the LE edition sold for $15. It looks like they are out of stock of all of them. You can try your luck at finding one in the Compass Rose section.

Good luck finding the pendant, I know SupremeMe would have a hard time convincing me to let go of mine.

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Ice Rose Geocoin, Part of the three Roses Geocoin by CRake


Ice Rose Geocoin

Ice Rose Geocoin

          No, I don't have two copies of this coin. :p The coins are part of a set. This particular coin is called The Ice Rose and it is a pretty neat little coin.


inside the Ice Rose Geocoin

inside the Ice Rose Geocoin

          The Ice Rose Geocoin is actually split up in to two parts. I love this!  One is the actual coin, the other half is the proof of ownership. The proof of ownership side of the coin has the tracking number engraved on it. It also has a pretty strong magnet in the center to hold the two pieces together. The Rose design on the front of the coin is identical on both pieces. It was made this way to encourage releasing the coins in to the wild.

      I can certainly understand that..I'm sitting on a huge box of coins. It is hard to release them because so many coins get stolen. I don't really want to pay to add to someone else's collection. I'm sure I am not alone when it comes to those feelings. Having the proof of ownership sort of ensures that even if someone hauls off with your coin, you still have a pretty replica of it. I hear they look very good stuck to the fridge. The tracking number is engraved on both halves of the coin. The actual coin has writing engraved along the edge of the coin that reads "This coin has a separate proof of ownership retained by the original owner - please don't steal me!" The Rose geocoins come with their own unique icon.

   The Autumn Rose Geocoin was minted in an Antique Bronze Finish

    The Ice Rose Geocoin was minted in an Antique Silver Finish

    The Midnight Rose Geocoin was minted in Black Nickel and is Glow in the Dark.

  Ethan is a big fan of Complete Sets. Once I post this and he realizes that he doesn't have the complete set.....I'm sure he'll start looking. :p I'm going to see if I can convince him to release these ones. He is currently in Germany. I'm sure he could find some neat caches to stash them in.

     I'm not sure how many coins were minted, but there were three different designs of the coin and they were sold together as a set.  We have the Ice Rose and the Midnight Rose, but we have yet to get our hands on an Autumn Rose. I will add photos of the Midnight Rose once I get them uploaded. On his site Christopher Rake said he planned to release the coins in early 2007.

    The coins have been retired and is no longer available for purchase from  Crake Productions. You can look for the Three Roses Geocoins here.

On a different note, I was able to contact Fundamental. He is going to send me more information on the Baby Geocoin when he returns home next week!

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LE Gold Baby Geocoin


LE Baby Geocoin
LE Baby Geocoin

       The Baby Geocoin was manufactured by  C H Quality Coins, as a personal coin for Fundamental and Venlis.  The coin was designed from a photo of their son Santtu. They are located in Finland.  250 coins were minted. 100 in shiny gold with blue diapers, 100 in Shiny Gold with Pink Diapers and 50 LE Satin Gold Geobabys with white diapers. (That is the one we have)  The coin measures 1.75" across. As far as I can tell, this  coin was released in 2006.

    It is a trackable coin. I believe it does have its own icon, a stork!

    I'm glad Ethan snagged one of these with the white diaper. We still don't know what we are having. I'd hate for him to have bought one with a pink diaper..and then find out we are having a boy. :p

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Tempting the Fates

Tempting the Fates, a Chris Mackey coinChris Mackey\'s Tempting the Fates Geocoin

This is another one of SupremeMe's geocoins. The coin was designed by Chris Mackey . I'm not sure how many were minted, or when it was released. There were a few on ebay so I thought it was a new coin, but I see it has been out and about since at least early 07. I found a reference that it was supposed to ship on January 20th. That particular blog entry didn't have a date but posts above and below it are for December 2006. So my best guess is that it was released some time in early 07.

SupremeMe was pretty excited about this coin when it came. It has both a curse on it and an easter egg of sorts. The text under the skull reads something to the tune of

Don't tempt fate

Move my coin

Steal this coin

at your peril
Also, the designer incorporated his initial in to the design. If you look underneath the skull you can see the letter "M". The coin is 1.75 inches in diameter and is 3mm think. SupremeMe won't be releasing this one in to the wild. Instead it will remain in his collection. Hopefully it won't bring him bad luck. After all, he hasn't stolen it from a cache. He bought it fair and square!

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iCache Gold LE Blue Glitter Geocoin

Glitter iCace geocoin

I'm not sure how many of these were made. I think 50 were made. I was lucky enough to find this one on my first trip to the StarGate.  The back is flat, shiny and has the tracking code. I was delighted to find it. I love my iPod and this one is both glittery and  my favorite color. It is trackable on the geocaching website.

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Purple Wizard Cacher Tag Geocoin

Purple kv\'s  Purple Wizard Cacher Tag

This was a fun geocoin to find. The cache it was discovered in can only be found if someone else gives you the cords. It is called: Heard It Through The GrapeVine. Fun stuff. The container is wedged in the base of a bush. It is wrapped in fabric grape vines for cammo. I am currently on vacation, so I brought this one along with me to Oregon. I placed it in the hustle prize zone cache.

I was first to find on the Hustle Prize Zone cache just about three years ago. I didn't bring my GPS with me on the trip (big mistake) so I found myself trying  to find caches solely by remembering where they were. I didn't even take the time to look online. The first one I tried to find isn't even there anymore. I looked for this one again, because it was in a convenient park where my kids could catch up with friends. I'm so happy that we looked for it.

You see, I didn't remember that we were first to find on this one until we pulled out the log. The kids were over the moon. I didn't think anything else about it until I went to log it back at the hotel. I went back to read what we wrote originally just for grins. I'm telling you, the geocaching website makes for a wonderful diary. I can't for the life of me seem to keep a journal, but I will sometimes take the time to write about finding a cache.  It is like keeping a memory book. I read the log and then all of a sudden I remembered how frustrating it was trying to find the cache, as well as how funny the whole thing was.  It was like a little window into the past.

in a nut shell...

We went to find the cache. While looking for it we ran in to another caching family. It appeared as though they were just trying to be sneaky about finding it. The guy, turned his geocaching hat around so that we couldn't see the logo. We assumed that they were also trying to be first to find. it seemed like we were trying to wait each other out, so we ended up leaving so they could take first to find. As it turns out, they were the owners of the  cache. No one had found it yet, so they were just checking up on it to make sure it was ok. They saw us looking for it, and decided to hang out and see if we could find it. [:p]

On our second attempt at finding it, we ran in to some friends at the park. We were trying to be discrete, as were they...it was then that we discovered that they were also cachers! It took us forever to find it. It was our first magnetic find. We found it stuck to the bottom of the trash can.

Fun stuff. i really want to encourage you guys to take the time to really put some effort in to logs. It is so easy to get in the habit of writing "TFTH" or "SLTN". Take the time to put down some memories. You'll be so happy you did when you look back down the road.

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Celtic Sun GeoCoin.

Celtic Sun Geocoin Gold

This post is for my good friend SupremeMe. He was lamenting last night that with all of the coins he has purchased (and I have taken photos of) only one of his has appeared on my site. This one is another one of his. As it would have it, it is also one of my favorites. He has good taste in geocoins.

It originally came in Gold, Silver and Copper. I would have loved to have seen the copper ones, but they have sold out. Funny thing about that...... SupremeMe bought it off ebay. Lesson learned. If you find a coin on Ebay that you like, google it and see if it is still in production or is available from the manufacture. Why duke it out on Ebay  and pay $20 for it when you can get it for $10.99 from lillysue?  The really funny bit was when he found out that he bought it from Lillysue on Ebay. :p  If you are interested in owning one as of right now there are still some available. However, if you want copper you are going to have to take your chances on Ebay.

The coin is 50mm across (2 inches) and is 3.5mm thick. It is trackable on Geocaching.com and it comes with a fancy icon.

Edited to add (March 3 09)

Total minting numbers for the Celtic Sun is 400.
165 - Gold
160 - Silver
75 - LE 

The AE of each will be nickel, black nickel and foggy nickel respectively.  The entire set will have suns, stars and moons.


I have one of the Stars, but I'll do a separate post for that.

suncatcher bronze Celtic Sun GeoCoin.

Artist Edition?

Artist Edition?

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Start-Run-Win geocoins

Start-Run-Win Geocoin Start-Run-Win geocoins, second set

I offered to release some of the Start-Run-Win geocoins here in Utah. Their owner sent me 8 of them. I got to go out and find 8 caches to drop them in. It was fun, although a bit challenging. It seems like there are caches every twenty feet here in the Salt Lake Valley. The problem is that probably 90% of them are micro caches. You can't really leave a coin in something the size of a raisin. I managed to find some to place them in  though. Two are now hanging in trees and two are in parking garages. Two are under trees and I believe two are in the skirting around the bottom of light poles. Fun Stuff.

These are trackable coins, but you can't track them on the geocaching website. If you find one, you need to log it at the Start-Run-Win website. It will be neat to see how far they travel.

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Troop 923, Springville Ut.

Springville Ut

This is another one of those coins I retrieved from the Stargate on our first trip down to Springvillle. Goodness, can I just say that there are TONS of caches in Springville. If a person were worried about knocking their numbers up, that would be the place to cache. I think we were there for two hours and we looked for 10 or 12 caches. We found all but two.

At any rate, I felt really badly about this one once I logged it in. It was a brand new coin, just venturing out in to the world with high hopes of getting to the birthplace of scouting. In England. ..And I pulled it out of the gate. I think of all the coins that should have been left there, this one gave me the most guilt. This is the one that prompted me to drive all the way back down there and return it.

I did finally get an an answer about the stargate. The owners of the cache have the addresses of all the other caches. (as in mailing address). I was told that geocoins could be mailed to help them achieve their goals. The poppy was pulled out by someone else who thought they could move it a little East. (I really should have just mailed that one on my own). I'm not sure what else I could have done. I marked the coins very, very well. Also, the ones I took were not marked in any way. I suppose I will probably still use the gate to move coins. It seems to be frequently visited, so in that regards it is still a good place to leave a geocoin.

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