Yellow Duck Geocoin

I've seen this coin called several things: Easter Duck, Easter Duckling, Spring Duck and Spring Duckling.

I'm going to be honest. I don't know anything about this geocoin. I tried to do a search on it, and I found it called several things. Rubber duck, Spring Duck, Easter Duck, Duckling Geocoin..... you get my drift. I would love for someone to share some information on this one with me. :)

This coin was in an altoids can, stuck to the underside of a bridge, next to a wasps nest in the middle of a golf course. I found this one on one of the first days I went out and looked for coins. I was so excited, because the first 8 caches that were supposed to have coins were empty. I'm not sure why this one hasn't made its appearance here yet. We think it is a cute coin. I have no idea what its actual name is and would love any information on it that I can get!

As for this site..I think I am going to be doing things a bit differently. I am going to add more categories for the coins, so that people that are browsing can look for coins in a variety of different ways. I'm also going to be taking new photos of the coins I already have. You see, I just got a nifty new camera that is designed for close up shots. Yay me! I also just had a nifty new set up delivered that should allow for clearer, better lit photos. So things should literally be looking better around here.

Also, SupremeMe has left his geocoin collection in my care. I gave him a nice box to put them in (instead of the drawer they were in). He is going to print off whatever information he has on them and we are going to neatly organize and identify them. That is going to be one heck of an undertaking. I haven't counted them as of yet, but I suspect he has well over 100 by now.

The other thing I'd like to do is an occasional give away. I've joined the geocoin club and I get two coins a month. I only need one and thought it might be nice to give my second coin away. I'm not sure how I'm gonna do that just yet, but I'd love some suggestions. I'd love to have fun with this, so I'm hoping for some creative ideas lol. I'll give my first coin away to the person with the best idea. you must be 18 or over and I am only shipping to the U.S and Canada at this time. I'll take ideas up until Sept 15th.  lol I can't guarantee I'll use your idea, but the best (or only) idea gets the July Coin with the Gargoyle on it.

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