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Love Compass RoseValentine Compass Rose Geocoin

I'm going to say that when this came in the mail, I had no idea what it was called or even that Ethan had ordered it. It came a few weeks ago (before Valentines Day) and included in the package was a smaller, trackable, pendant.

Track your heart

 Seriously, I had no idea. I figured it must be a gift for me. I decided that I was going to make a short, wire wrapped bead chain and attach it to my key chain so that I could always have it with me

   I only just now got around to looking it up online. The coin was designed by Wes Miller. While at a Geocoin Fest he noticed that several women were wearing coins around their neck. He then designed a coin pendent that could be given as a gift to the woman you love. (Score!) See? It was for me. :) I still haven't actually asked SupremeMe if the pendant is for me, but after reading that how could he possibly say no. :D

   As for the coin, it is an actual Compass Rose Coin that has Roses on it.

   The pendant came in two finishes, gold and silver. The silver pendant is XLE as only ten were made. The track your heart pendant is 28x25mm. The Gold Heart Pendant sold for $8 and the XLE silver edition sold for $10.

   The Compass Roses GeoCoin is 40mm. I'm a bit fuzzy as to how many editions there are. IT looks like there was a gold edition,silver edition,antique gold edition, antique silver addition as well as an LE/ two tone gold and silver coin. I'm getting this information from cache addict. Reservations were taken for the coin in December of 2008 and the coin was released in January, just in time for Valentines Day. (That was great timing on their part!)

Gold, Silver, Antique Gold, Antique Silver

LE - Two-Tone (Gold/Silver)

   To me that looks like 5 editions, but I only see four editions on the site, so I'm not entirely sure. I believe mine is the LE two tone. The Silver, Antique Silver and Gold Valentine Geocoins sold for $10 and the LE edition sold for $15. It looks like they are out of stock of all of them. You can try your luck at finding one in the Compass Rose section.

Good luck finding the pendant, I know SupremeMe would have a hard time convincing me to let go of mine.

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