LE Gold Baby Geocoin


LE Baby Geocoin
LE Baby Geocoin

       The Baby Geocoin was manufactured by  C H Quality Coins, as a personal coin for Fundamental and Venlis.  The coin was designed from a photo of their son Santtu. They are located in Finland.  250 coins were minted. 100 in shiny gold with blue diapers, 100 in Shiny Gold with Pink Diapers and 50 LE Satin Gold Geobabys with white diapers. (That is the one we have)  The coin measures 1.75" across. As far as I can tell, this  coin was released in 2006.

    It is a trackable coin. I believe it does have its own icon, a stork!

    I'm glad Ethan snagged one of these with the white diaper. We still don't know what we are having. I'd hate for him to have bought one with a pink diaper..and then find out we are having a boy. :p

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