Santa’s Christmas Window Geocoin


Santa Suncatcher geocoin

Santa Suncatcher geocoin

             I love Groundspeak. When I can't find information on a geocoin, if I look hard enough I can almost always find *something* about a coin there. :)  

           The Santa's Christmas Window was sold through Castle Coins and Pins. It was a 2007 coin and it shipped in early December. The coin was designed by Paula at geocoin design. I just love her coins.  The concept for the coin was suggested by a customer named Brock from  Tulare California.

         The Santa's Christmas Window coin is a suncatcher geocoin. It has a loop at the top so that you can hang it as an ornament. The coin measures 2 inches if  you include the attachment and the outer circle is 4mm thick. The coin was minted in three finishes. 200 in Antique Gold, 150 in Antique Nickel and 300in a two tone deluxe edition with shiny gold and nickel. The deluxe edition has additional enamel on the lettering and scroll work. The geocoins in the antique finish sold for $10 each and the deluxe edition went for $11.99. The coins are no longer for sale at Castle Coins and pins, but if you would like to purchase the Christmas Window Geocoin, there is currently one for sale here. I think this geocoin looks great on the Christmas Tree.

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