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Harmony Geocoin

21 days of Good Deeds.

21 days of Good Deeds.

This beautiful coin was my November coin from the Geocoin Club. It is absolutely beautiful. Here is some information about the coin, taken from the GeocoinClub website.

The series is titled “Pocket Change” and is a play on words.  The idea with this coin (besides of course, looking beautiful) is to help us all achieve a more positive outlook on life. .... The idea behind this concept is that it is generally accepted (and also generally debated, but I digress) that it takes 21 days to form a habit – good or bad.  Running with that idea, this coin’s purpose is to help you have more positive thoughts.  We affectionately refer to it as the “Harmony Coin”.

The harmony Geocoin was designed by Chris Mackey. It is the first in a series that the GeoCoin Club will offer between its club and the store. The series will be called "Pocket Change". The coin was inspired by a Boy Scout Motto of "Do a Good Turn Daily". At one point, the Scout who dreamed up this coin, was given a simple gold coin by his Scout Master. They were to put the coin in their right pocket, and upon doing their good deed they were to move it to their left pocket.

Combine that with the "21 days to form a good habit" theory and you are left with one seriously beautiful coin. The coin is colored with Imitation Hard enamels and similar transparent enamels. It has a smooth finish, except for the raised braille. The Braille is there so that when you slip your hand in to your pocket, you can literally feel the reminder.

This may be the November Club Coin, but I think that it is an awesome way to kick off the new year.

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Flower of Life Geocoin

front flower of life geocoin 300x150 Flower of Life Geocoin

The Flower of life Geocoin. We have two of them although I'm not exactly sure which two we have.  There was an Antique Gold, Shiny Gold and Matte Gold. (There was also Antique Silver and Black Nickel but I know I don't have either of those!) What I do remember is that SupremeMe bid on quite a few of these before he finally won one.  I really like this coin because it looks just like my favorite game: DaVinci's Challenge. SupremeMe isn't quite as fond of the game but I think that is just because I totally kick his ass, just like in Othello.


The coin is 40mm across.

300 Coins were minted for sale and then there were another 20 that were never for sale.

  • Regular Edition (RE): 120 pcs / black nickel
  • Special Edition (SE): 90 pcs / antique silver
  • Limited Edition (LE): 60 pcs / antique gold
  • Extra Limited Edition (XLE): 30 pcs / matte gold
  • Very Extra Limited Edition (XXLE): 20 pcs / shiny gold (never on sale)
The two coins look pretty similar to me. I wasn't even sure that they were different until I flipped them over.
2 geocoins flower of life 300x155 Flower of Life Geocoin
I *think* we have the antique gold and the matt gold geocoins. The coins are trackable items and they come with a unique icon. You can look for Flower of Life geocoins Here.

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AE Crystal Ball Geocoin

Crystal Ball Geocoin

Crystal Ball Geocoin

The Crystal Ball Geocoin was designed by Paula at Geocoin Designs. The Coin is is 2” x 1 1/2" and is 3.5mm thick. The coin was sold through Trackable Treasures. The gypsy geocoin is trackable on the geocahing website and has its own icon. The crystal ball geocoin was minted in Antique Gold and Antique Silver. The side with the gyspy is done with imitation hard enamel and the crystal ball is done in a white glitter. It's pretty!

The asking price was $8.99. They were available for pre sale August 12th 2007 at 6pm. The expected ship date was Sept 10th. There were 125 crystal ball geocoins minted in the Antique Gold. Another 125 were minted in the Antique Silver. 300 coins were minted total. In addition to the 250 gold and silver, 30 were minted in Antique Copper. 20 coins were also minted as an artist Edition.

Only the Gold and silver Crystal Ball coins were for sale. The Copper ones were divided between mustangjoni and 9key. The artist editions went to Paula! The one pictured above is one of the AE Crystal Ball Geocoins.

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Claddagh Geocoin

Red Claddagh Geocoin

Red Claddagh Geocoin

This is the Claddagh Geocoin. It was designed by CinemaBoxer and was sold through their geocoin design website. The initial run consisted of 350 coins and was as follows

100 Antique Gold with Green Translucent Enamel

100 Antique Nickel with Amethyst Translucent Enamel

85 Rhodium with Sapphire Blue Translucent Enamel

65 Two Tone with Ruby Red Translucent Enamel

They went on sale on April 21st 2008 and went for $10 (USD). An additional 400 coins were minted. Only a few of the original green ones were added and new colors were introduced. There was an antique silver with translucent black, an antique copper without enamel and a limited edition two tone black nickel with rhodium in teal enamel. That is the one I want to see.

So what exactly is Claddagh? Usually the Claddagh comes in the form of a ring and is called a claddagh ring. Traditionally it is either Irish or Scottish and is given in friendship or is worn as a wedding ring. The ring was first produced in the 17th century during the reign of Queen Mary II although some of the design elements are much older. There are several legends as to the origin. The design is made up of 3 features. Two hands clasping a heart with a crown. The heart symbolizes love, the hands symbolize friendship, and the crown stands for loyalty. I've been fond of this design myself for quite some time. Once upon a time, before I had children, I sold jewelry. One of the very first things I purchased for myself was a gold claddagh ring. So I was pretty stoked to get this coin. I think traditionally you are supposed to be given it as a gift, so I may have jumped the gun on that one. But its okay, because this one was given to me as a gift.

You can look for the Claddagh and other Celtic Geocoins here.

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Binary Mystery Geocoin

Binary Mystery Coin

Binary Mystery Coin

Binary Mystery Coin

Binary Mystery Coin Front

Well, I tried to find information on this coin but it appears as though this is a mystery coin. It is not a trackable item. What I do know, is that this coin goes by two names. It is known as the "Binary Mystery Coin" and the "Banned From the Forum" Mystery geocoin. We like to call it the "Read Between the Lines" geocoin.

I'm guessing that SupremeMe bought this coin because he thought it was funny. It did not come with any information about it. I've lost a couple of hours of my time searching in vain for information on this particular coin to no avail. I did learn a little bit about mystery coins along the way though.

Mystery geocoins are not trackable. Since the geocoins don't have tracking numbers on them, it makes it kind of hard to hunt for one in a local cache. Because the geocoins are hard to find they are very sought after. It isn't just because you can't do a search for them on the geocaching site that makes them desirable. In addition to not being able to track them, you also can't buy them, or at least you aren't suppose to be able to. From what I have gathered, mystery geocoins are distributed. If you get really lucky, somehow whoever made the coin will stumble upon your address and you'll find one in your mailbox. Steps are taken to make sure that you don't know who the coin is from. I've also heard that they are randomly dropped in caches for people to find. I'm sure some cachers have been alerted when one was dropped in their area. This begs for the question: How did we manage to get our fingers on a binary mystery geocoin?

Simply put. eBay. At least I think that is where he got it. I'm sure SupremeMe bought it because he thought it was a cool geocoin. He sure got a giggle out of it when it arrived. Mystery coins are not supposed to be sold though unless it is for a charitable purpose. (I have no idea whether this one was for charity or not, I'll have SupremeMe look in to that when he returns from Europe) and understandably so. Geocoins are not cheap to make. If someone goes through the trouble and expense of making coins and then distributes them freely, it seems rude to make money off of them. Rest assured, we won't be selling this coin.

I have to wonder about this particular coin though. The "Banned From the Forum" geocoin, is pretty offensive. With a big ol' Eff you on it, I'm not not so sure it would have made me feel good to have been on the receiving end. I wonder if the coins were accompanied by any unfriendly notes? If that were the case, I could certainly understand someone's desire to make some money off it. I doubt that is the case though. I bet whoever made this coin has one heck of sense of humor. I feel pretty lucky to have one in our collection.

I find it odd that this coin has two names. The binary geocoin makes a lot of sense. As I've said, we've called it the "Read between the lines" geocoin, although now that we know its real name we might stick with that. What I want to know is how it got the "Banned From the Forum" geocoin name. I bet there is a great story there and I'd just be pleased as punch if someone would share it with me.

I have no real information on this coin. I don't know how many binary geocoins were minted. I suppose that just makes them more valuable.

I wrestled with adding a category for mystery coins as they aren't supposed to be sold. However, since some of them are sold to raise money for charities I have decided that it is an acceptable thing for me to do.

You can try your hand at finding Mystery Geocoins here.

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Puppy Pound Geocoin

Dog Days of Summer Geocoin: Front and back

Dog Days of Summer Geocoin: Front and back

I am getting better at finding information for these coins online, although I still sometimes struggle with interpreting it. This geocoin has been called both the Dog Days of Summer Geocoin and the Puppy Pound Geocoin. I am guessing that I have the antiqued bronze/gold finish, as it does not look like silver or copper to me. The Dog Days of Summer Geocoin was available in 3 finishes. This one was referred to as both the antiqued gold and the antiqued bronze. I believe the finishes are very similar.

There were 100 of the Antiqued Copper Dog Days of Summer coins minted. It came with 1 matching pin and 1 oak buck. There were also 100 of the Antiqued Silver LE Puppy Pound Geocoins minted. The silver coins did not come with a pin or an oak buck. The antiqued gold XLE dog bone geocoin did come with the pin and oak buck. 35 of those were available.

Part of the Proceeds from each coin sale went to a Humane Society Charity. The Dog Days of Summer coin is trackable and came with it's own icon. The coin is shaped like a dog bone and was minted by Oak Coins. It was available for purchase from the GeoSwag site in July of 2008.

The silver finished coin went for $10.47. The Copper set went for $14.97. I do not know what the bronze bone "fetched" :p

We don't seem to have the pin or the oak buck so they are not in the photo. I remember when this one came in the mail. SupremeMe purchased it from someone on eBay. He was told ahead of time that the coin came with extras, but that the owner no longer had them. So it was an informed purchase.

Look for the Puppy Pound Geocoin here.

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Celtic Peacock Geocoin

Celtic Peacock Geocoin: front and back

Celtic Peacock Geocoin: front and back

I like peacocks. They are so colorful it is unreal. When it comes to "survival of the fittest", I never understood how they have managed to make it this long. They don't seem like they would be able to evade predators very quickly, and the males are hard to miss. Perhaps they have just always found sanctuary in the confines of palace grounds.

As soon as I saw this coin I knew that I wanted it. I was so happy when it came in the mail. It is gorgeous. The colors are brilliant, and the details are intricate. If you look closely at the feathers you will really appreciate the effort that went in to this design.

The peacock geocoin is 1.75" across and is 3.5mm thick. It features semi raised feathers under translucence. The celtic Peacock Geocoin was available in Antiqued gold for $9.47. The Limited Edition Antiqued Silver Peacock coin went for $9.97. An Antiqued Copper LE coin was also minted, but I do not know how much it went for. The coins were available for purchase through the geoswag site. This is a 2008 coin.

Look for the Celtic Peacock Geocoin here.

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Green Selective Availability Geocoin

Selective Availability

Selective Availability

I love doing this. It takes me a while to sit down and gather the information for these coins but I an fascinated by some of things I learn while googling. This one was actually pretty funny. I found the coin easily enough, but the version I found was red. Hmmm. It seemed odd that a club would put out different colors for a monthly coin, so I started to wonder if this was a second edition. I started to Google. After about 15 minutes it dawned on me that if it was a GeoClub coin, that they HAD to have some information on the site about the coin. So I went back to my window (that was still open) and started to scroll down. Heh Heh, there was the green one two photos below the red one.

Lets start with the red geocoin. The Red Selective Availability Geocoin was the GeoCoin Club coin for the month of September in 2005. The first official release was in August, so this was the second coin that they released. So what about the GREEN edition?

The Green Selective Edition GeoCoin was the New Subscriber coin. Every person that joined prior to Feb. of 2006 was given one of these coins. The GeoCoin club has always strived to make enough coins for their subscriber base, with a few left over for replacements. In order to get one of the surplus coins, you must be a subscriber. I suppose that isn't the case anymore as we've gotten quite a few older coins through eBay. of course, we've also made more for them. At any rate, I think there was a bit of a learning curve the first couple of months. These days they have a pretty good idea of how many coins they need.

It looks like both the red and the gold Selective Availability geocoin came in a brass finish. It is an interesting coin. I like how it is cut out around the earth. It is 1.75" across. While I don't see a specific Selective Availability Icon, I did find the coin on the geocaching site with a GCC (GeoCoin Club) icon. Both the Red and Green Selective Availability Geocoins are trackable items.

So what is Selective Availability anyway? Selective Availability is what made GeoCaching not possible. :P Like many neat things, the Global Positioning System (or GPS) was designed by the Government. In this case, the U.S. Department of Defense. The satellite system was designed for Military use, specifically for OUR military use. Selective Availability intentionally introduced slow, random errors in to the publicly available signals. When SA is enabled, accurate signals are still sent, but they are encrypted. Only the US military had that key, and it changed daily. They had two reasons for doing this. One, they only wanted a few of our allies to be able to use our satellites for military purposes .Two they didn't want anyone else to be able to FIND our satellites and destroy them. This made it only accurate to about 100 meters. I don't know about you, but I get pretty cranky when a cache is off by 20-30 ft, I can't imagine trying to find one with only 100 meter accuracy. The scrambling was known as Selective Availability.

On May 1st, 2000 President Clinton announced that Selective Availability would be turned off. This allowed for civilians to enjoy using the GPS system with accuracy to about 10 meters. I actually remember when this happened. My dad, a military man who probably had been using the GPS system for work related stuff could use it for play. I remember the GPS unit was pretty expensive that when I asked him what it was good for, the only reply that he could give me was "well, I'll never get lost. Ill always know where I am". It was funny, because this was a man that could navigate just by the position of the stars.

On May 2nd, at about midnight the Selective Availability was turned off. People Got Excited, now they could actually use their GPS systems with some accuracy. On May 3rd, Dave Ulmer hid the first cache near Beaver Creek Oregon. You can read all about the history of GeoCaching on the Geocaching website. I understand that the original cache is no longer there as it was damaged by an Oregon Road Crew mower. However, there is an Original Stash Tribute Plaque located there now. It is the number one, most found traditional cache in geocaching. It is on my list of caches to find. Hopefully Ill be heading back up to Oregon next year. I'll be sure to take photos when I find it!

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Copper Mermaid Swag Geocoin

Mermaid Geo Swag Geocoin, front and back

Mermaid Geo Swag Geocoin, front and back

I think of all the Mermaid Geocoins this on is my favorite. I'm quite fond of the copper coins. I found the designer and it comes from tsunrisebey. The geocoin was minted and sold through The Caching Place. 200 geocoins were minted in the Brushed Copper Finish with translucents. 200 coins were also minted in the Gold finish with translucents. I don't understand the page at the caching place. They are both listed under "previously sold coins", They both say sold out, but it also says that they have 6 coins left in stock. There was also a Silver AE Mermaid Geocoin, but I think only 40 of those were minted. The Silver AE Mermaid coin is a glitter coin.

The Mermaid Swag geocoin is 1.75" and is 3mm in thickness. The geocoin has its own icon, is trackable and was originally sold for $8.95. The sale date was set for March 7th, 2008. There are sea-horses on the coin. The seahorses are located under the translucents on the gold and copper coins. On the glitter coins, the sea horses are above the glitter.

SupremeMe actually has this coin in a couple of the colors. I'm hoping to get pictures of them soon!

Look for Mermaid Swag Geocoins here.

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Yellow Duck Geocoin

I've seen this coin called several things: Easter Duck, Easter Duckling, Spring Duck and Spring Duckling.

I'm going to be honest. I don't know anything about this geocoin. I tried to do a search on it, and I found it called several things. Rubber duck, Spring Duck, Easter Duck, Duckling Geocoin..... you get my drift. I would love for someone to share some information on this one with me. :)

This coin was in an altoids can, stuck to the underside of a bridge, next to a wasps nest in the middle of a golf course. I found this one on one of the first days I went out and looked for coins. I was so excited, because the first 8 caches that were supposed to have coins were empty. I'm not sure why this one hasn't made its appearance here yet. We think it is a cute coin. I have no idea what its actual name is and would love any information on it that I can get!

As for this site..I think I am going to be doing things a bit differently. I am going to add more categories for the coins, so that people that are browsing can look for coins in a variety of different ways. I'm also going to be taking new photos of the coins I already have. You see, I just got a nifty new camera that is designed for close up shots. Yay me! I also just had a nifty new set up delivered that should allow for clearer, better lit photos. So things should literally be looking better around here.

Also, SupremeMe has left his geocoin collection in my care. I gave him a nice box to put them in (instead of the drawer they were in). He is going to print off whatever information he has on them and we are going to neatly organize and identify them. That is going to be one heck of an undertaking. I haven't counted them as of yet, but I suspect he has well over 100 by now.

The other thing I'd like to do is an occasional give away. I've joined the geocoin club and I get two coins a month. I only need one and thought it might be nice to give my second coin away. I'm not sure how I'm gonna do that just yet, but I'd love some suggestions. I'd love to have fun with this, so I'm hoping for some creative ideas lol. I'll give my first coin away to the person with the best idea. you must be 18 or over and I am only shipping to the U.S and Canada at this time. I'll take ideas up until Sept 15th.  lol I can't guarantee I'll use your idea, but the best (or only) idea gets the July Coin with the Gargoyle on it.

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