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Bodensee Winter BBQ 2008 Geocoin


The Event Coin

The Event Coin

         The Bodensee Winter BBQ 2008 Geocoin is 44mm across, 3mm thick and was available in three finishes. It is a trackable item and has its own unique icon.

   170 of the shop edition coins were minted with an antique finish. 30 of the XLE two tones were minted. 100 event edition coins were minted, but they were only available at the event. I believe that my coin is the shop edition. There are still some of the shop editions available at They have been marked down from 8.00 EUR to 7.00 EUR.  The XLE Winter BBQ coin is very pretty, but I believe they have sold out. You can try your luck at finding the XLE and the Event Edition here.

    I have an entire Christmas tree decorated in Snowflakes, so I'm pretty fond of the front design on this coin. I'd love to get my hands on one of the XLE editions. :) Ethan has purchased several coins from the  store and all of our coins were received without incident. I'd have no problem buying from them again. I think they came fairly quickly as well.

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