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Harmony Geocoin

21 days of Good Deeds.

21 days of Good Deeds.

This beautiful coin was my November coin from the Geocoin Club. It is absolutely beautiful. Here is some information about the coin, taken from the GeocoinClub website.

The series is titled “Pocket Change” and is a play on words.  The idea with this coin (besides of course, looking beautiful) is to help us all achieve a more positive outlook on life. .... The idea behind this concept is that it is generally accepted (and also generally debated, but I digress) that it takes 21 days to form a habit – good or bad.  Running with that idea, this coin’s purpose is to help you have more positive thoughts.  We affectionately refer to it as the “Harmony Coin”.

The harmony Geocoin was designed by Chris Mackey. It is the first in a series that the GeoCoin Club will offer between its club and the store. The series will be called "Pocket Change". The coin was inspired by a Boy Scout Motto of "Do a Good Turn Daily". At one point, the Scout who dreamed up this coin, was given a simple gold coin by his Scout Master. They were to put the coin in their right pocket, and upon doing their good deed they were to move it to their left pocket.

Combine that with the "21 days to form a good habit" theory and you are left with one seriously beautiful coin. The coin is colored with Imitation Hard enamels and similar transparent enamels. It has a smooth finish, except for the raised braille. The Braille is there so that when you slip your hand in to your pocket, you can literally feel the reminder.

This may be the November Club Coin, but I think that it is an awesome way to kick off the new year.

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Flower of Life Geocoin

front flower of life geocoin 300x150 Flower of Life Geocoin

The Flower of life Geocoin. We have two of them although I'm not exactly sure which two we have.  There was an Antique Gold, Shiny Gold and Matte Gold. (There was also Antique Silver and Black Nickel but I know I don't have either of those!) What I do remember is that SupremeMe bid on quite a few of these before he finally won one.  I really like this coin because it looks just like my favorite game: DaVinci's Challenge. SupremeMe isn't quite as fond of the game but I think that is just because I totally kick his ass, just like in Othello.


The coin is 40mm across.

300 Coins were minted for sale and then there were another 20 that were never for sale.

  • Regular Edition (RE): 120 pcs / black nickel
  • Special Edition (SE): 90 pcs / antique silver
  • Limited Edition (LE): 60 pcs / antique gold
  • Extra Limited Edition (XLE): 30 pcs / matte gold
  • Very Extra Limited Edition (XXLE): 20 pcs / shiny gold (never on sale)
The two coins look pretty similar to me. I wasn't even sure that they were different until I flipped them over.
2 geocoins flower of life 300x155 Flower of Life Geocoin
I *think* we have the antique gold and the matt gold geocoins. The coins are trackable items and they come with a unique icon. You can look for Flower of Life geocoins Here.

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Digital Hell Geocoin

Digital Hell Geocoin

Digital Hell Geocoin

This was an interesting coin to learn about. When I start searching I always just enter the name of the coin in to google and see what comes up. The Digital Hell Geocoin was a custom order for Xibalba01. I found the coin on I also found some of them on eBay. I found some inconsistencies though.

Xibalba01 about his idea:

"The name of this coin is derived from my GC-Nickname Xibalbá, which means Entrance to Underworld, especially the ?-level underworld of the Maya culture. The artwork should show fire as a symbol for hell as well as an item of our modern age ... or rather digital age."

I think that is very creative and it is a pretty cool coin to boot.

Originally at the German site it said that this was a personal custom order. A total of 250 pieces were minted. There were three finishes. (note I said originally)

Red Hell Edition: 195 pieces. Polished silver nickel with a transparent red flame on the front and a tranparent green board on the back.

Black hell: 50 pieces with a max of 1 per customer. 2 tone. Raised metal is black nickel while the recessed metal is silver nickel.

Blue Flame: 5 pieces minted, not for sale. Polished silver nickel with a transparent blue flame.

50mm wide, 3mm thick, trackable with its own icon. So what is the problem?

Ours is gold.

I found an interesting thread on Groundspeak about the Digital Hell geocoins. It appears that after the coins sold out in Germany Castle Coins said that they were going to have some of the coins. They were going to get 50 Gold/red, 50 Nickel/Purple and 50 limited Copper Green edition. 50 more gold and nickel would follow. Here is the funny bit, they said that the copper was limited to those 50 and no more would be made. Another 100 were reminted of the original red for the store in Germany. So now instead of the 250 coins that were originally made, there are now 600. That probably explains why they are so easy to find on eBay. I went to Castle Coins and I saw no reference at all to the Digital Hell geocoins. So I am basing that they did sell them on what I read on Groundspeak.

In the opening advertisement for the coins on groundspeak it said that 250 would be available. They were advertised to international customers as being able to buy tax-free from the German Site. The coin was 8 Euros. I'm not sure how much the shipping was. BUT, I think Id be pretty irritated if I ordered coins internationally and found out after the fact that I could have gotten one here. Also, I bet those 5 blue coins are pretty well sought after, as there aren't very many of them. I'm sure if one ever went on Ebay, that it would go for a pretty penny but only because there are so few. If more were minted later, the value of the coin would drop. Anyone who bought one would be pretty pissed. While the original red ones weren't as valuable to begin with as there were almost 200 of them, when they re-minted the extra 100, that is exactly what they did. They sold 195 of the coins, which is a high number to begin with, then devalued the coin by dumping another 100 of them in to the market. In a collectable market where cost is driven by supply and demand, it is a pretty shitty thing to do. It reminds me of when Ty declared in 1999 that they would no longer be making Beanie babies and then reintroduced a new line in 2000.

This is a 2008 coin. There are now 6 versions of the coin total.

The 3 from Germany:

red flame/nickel metal

red flame/black nickel metal

Blue Flame/nickel metal

The 3 from the US

Red flame/goldmetal

Purple flame/nickel metal

Green/flame copper metal (personally I want one of these)

In hind site I remember SupremeMe telling me about the brouhaha when he got it. Who would have thought that there would be so much drama with geocoins.

Look for the Digital Hell Geocoin Here

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Sunburst Nature Walk Geocoin.

Suncatcher Naturewalk GeocoinSunburst Nature Walk Geocoin when held up to a light

I am sure that SupremeMe will correct me if I am wrong, as this is another one of his coins. If you really look closely at the photo you'll see tape up across the back. You see, this coin wasn't perfect when he got it. There was a tiny bit of metal poking out around the frame and SupremeMe felt it needed to come off. So he pulled at it and ended up popping one of the panes of color out of the frame. I want to say he has since purchased a replacement, but I don't have photos of that one yet. I chose to put this one up today so that SupremeMe can see how pretty his coins are when they are photographed in front of a light source.

This Sunburst Nature walk Coin is silver. I'm not sure if it is one of the ones with the antique finish. I don't believe it is. I have found a site though that references the antique silver finish. Apparently there were only 300 of those minted. The coin measures 1.75"(45mm) in diameter. It is trackable at and comes with its own unique icon. I know that it was also available in Bronze and Gold. The quote around the outside edge of the coin reads: "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks" The quote is by John Muir.

The Sunburst Nature Walk Coin is a really pretty coin. I hope that SupremeMe displays all of his suncatcher and sunburst geocoins in a lit cabinet.

If you decide that you would like to Purchase a stained glass geocoin, do a search for both suncatcher and sunburst geocoins.  I have included both terms at my coolgeocoin site so that it will do the work for you, or you can just click here!

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Tempting the Fates

Tempting the Fates, a Chris Mackey coinChris Mackey\'s Tempting the Fates Geocoin

This is another one of SupremeMe's geocoins. The coin was designed by Chris Mackey . I'm not sure how many were minted, or when it was released. There were a few on ebay so I thought it was a new coin, but I see it has been out and about since at least early 07. I found a reference that it was supposed to ship on January 20th. That particular blog entry didn't have a date but posts above and below it are for December 2006. So my best guess is that it was released some time in early 07.

SupremeMe was pretty excited about this coin when it came. It has both a curse on it and an easter egg of sorts. The text under the skull reads something to the tune of

Don't tempt fate

Move my coin

Steal this coin

at your peril
Also, the designer incorporated his initial in to the design. If you look underneath the skull you can see the letter "M". The coin is 1.75 inches in diameter and is 3mm think. SupremeMe won't be releasing this one in to the wild. Instead it will remain in his collection. Hopefully it won't bring him bad luck. After all, he hasn't stolen it from a cache. He bought it fair and square!

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Troop 923, Springville Ut.

Springville Ut

This is another one of those coins I retrieved from the Stargate on our first trip down to Springvillle. Goodness, can I just say that there are TONS of caches in Springville. If a person were worried about knocking their numbers up, that would be the place to cache. I think we were there for two hours and we looked for 10 or 12 caches. We found all but two.

At any rate, I felt really badly about this one once I logged it in. It was a brand new coin, just venturing out in to the world with high hopes of getting to the birthplace of scouting. In England. ..And I pulled it out of the gate. I think of all the coins that should have been left there, this one gave me the most guilt. This is the one that prompted me to drive all the way back down there and return it.

I did finally get an an answer about the stargate. The owners of the cache have the addresses of all the other caches. (as in mailing address). I was told that geocoins could be mailed to help them achieve their goals. The poppy was pulled out by someone else who thought they could move it a little East. (I really should have just mailed that one on my own). I'm not sure what else I could have done. I marked the coins very, very well. Also, the ones I took were not marked in any way. I suppose I will probably still use the gate to move coins. It seems to be frequently visited, so in that regards it is still a good place to leave a geocoin.

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February 2008 Geocoin Club Geocoin

February 2008 Geocoin Club Geocoin

This is the February 2008 Geocoin Club Geocoin. Wow, what a mouthful. It is a pretty neat coin. I like the back, but since I don't know how to cover up the tracking code and still get a neat photo, I'm not going to post it. I believe I snagged this one out of the  One in, One out cache in Sandy. Whatever it was named, it was under the skirting of a light pole. :p

This particular geocoin belongs to Ad0or. The Ad0or team consists of a couple named Jacob and Helen. They are pretty avid geocachers. I believe they have over 6000 finds/hides. They really seem to enjoy hiding micros. Some of them are pretty tough. He drops a lot of them in trees, and we are getting pretty good at finding those. The down side to looking for Ad0or caches is that the cords on a couple  of them have been off by quite a bit. When I found this coin, I vowed to hang on to it until I found a micro that he had hidden in a three story parking garage. It sucked, because once we got the cords, it could have been on any of the three levels. Add to it that the cords were off a bit. It lead to three attempts on my part, and even more on my caching partners part to find it. Even then, it was only achieved  with the help of a hint from another cacher.

So if you want to find the "So, here's to you" cache, it is located on second level of the staircase. It is about the size of a large pill. It is magnetic. When you come down the second set of stairs it is up high and on the left. More or less under the top staircase, but more on the frame of the cage.

Now that I've found it, I've got to release this coin back in to the wild!

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Wood GeoCoins

Wooden Nickel Geocoinsp10405931 300x225 Wood GeoCoins

This coin isn't trackable, but it was still cool to find it in the cache. I want to say it was the second coin I found for the day. I didn't take it though, I just snapped a photo. I figure with so many missing geocoins I could leave this one for someone else to find. Besides, I can keep a photo, guilt free. :)

This was a quick cache. We literally pulled in to the parking lot right in front of it. As soon as we got there I knew where it was. Under the box at the base of the street light. I've never seen caches hidden this way until I moved to Utah, although I don't think I've ever noticed a box around the base of a street light before. At least not one that moved. However, this seems to be the preferred hiding spot locally. Well, that and micro's in pine trees....

The first one we found like this was actually pretty funny. My cohort in crime and I wanted to be first to find. So,a t ten pm we headed out to the cords. The cords, put us dead center in the middle of an empty parking lot. THere were two strips of grass with a few sparse bushes, a light pole, and not much else. We were bickering over where it could possibly be when the sky opened up and the hail began. I didn't expect this to be a long hunt so I was underdressed for the weather. So was my friend, but it didn't stop him. I watched him wander aimlessly around the parking lot while I sat in the warm comfort of the car. As it turns out, he's a hard core cacher. Eventually the hail let up and joined him in his hunt. I think it took us about 40 minutes. Kind of hard to be discreet when hanging around an empty parking lot for that long. :p

Eventually he wandered over to another light pole. The box was loose on that one and when I saw him pick it up, the light came on and I turned and lifted the box at the base of the light right next to the car. There it was, a brand new empty tube. All that work, and we didn't even get to trade. But, hey, they can't all winners.

Now whenever we see a light box at the cords it is always the first place we look. More often than not we find the cache.

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Quilt Travel Bug

It is close enough to a geocoin for me. I thought this one was pretty cool. I snagged it out of a thermos that was buried under old leaves next to a river. Travel Bugs work a lot like geocoins. They have a trackable number but instead of being engraved on the item the number is on a tag that is attached. I'm not going to show the tag because it would be pretty uncool of me to post a trackable number for the world to see. If you want to know what they look like you will have to find one in a cache.

One of the neat things about the geocaching website is that it will tell you if a cache has any special items in them. There are icons next to the listings for coins and travel bugs. if you hold the cursor over the icon it will ell you what it is for. The sucky part, is that if someone pilfers a coin out of a cache, the site is still going to list it as being there. This tends to lead to a lot of frustration for other cachers. For example, I went looking for 8 caches today that were supposed to have coins. I came home with one coin and a travel bug. I sure thought about keeping the poppy coin, but I know I'd be riddled with guilt for the rest of my life. We're talking the Tell Tale Heart kind of guilt here people. If only everyone was as easily manipulated as I am

Back to the topic at hand. This TB is on a mission. Two quilting friends, one in Oregon and one in Australia both dropped off quilting travel bugs. The one that I found was started in Oregon and is on its way to Brisbane Australia. So, if you happen to be in the Salt Lake area and will be traveling to an international airport, like lets say, Los Angeles you can pick it up in the "Under the Radar Cache". I won't ruin the surprise, but it is actually a pretty neat hide.

Quilting travel bug on cool geocoins

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Cache Movers Geocoin

This is actually the second coin I found, but the first one I went about purposely finding. I looked for 9 caches. I found 7 of them. All were supposed to have coins but this is the only one I was able to get. I think its cute. :)   It was located in a small cache in a church parking lot. I deposited it in a cache specifically for coins. Wait till you see the one I traded it for. :)

I found a cache movers geocoin in Utah

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